Monday, 25 November 2013


Last September my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and received treatment until April. My mum and I had a fantastic summer with him, going on days out to gardens, antiques centres, my Foundation Degree graduation; my parents even went away for a week in Cornwall.

He started going downhill late August when it was discovered the original tumour had grown and also spread to his liver. For the most part he wasn't in any pain and he passed away at home on Wednesday with my mum and I by his side.

Without my dad I would undoubtedly not be the same person I am today: he shaped my taste in music, books, comedy, travel, and also my outlook on life. "Bugger it" was our motto, and I often hear "you're definitely your father's daughter". So not only have I lost my dad, but my best mate, too.

I wish I could offer others in the same situation advice but it's a little close to the bone right now, though I will say: stay close to one another, face up to the situation, be real. Say everything you want to say exactly when you want to say it. Take what doctors say at face value. Make friends with your nurses. And if you have Macmillan Cancer Support in your area, use them, they will be your life support and without them I am sure my family would have had to face losing my dad much sooner than this.

Though I consider my online and real life to be quite separate things, I couldn't not share my recent sad news with you all. After all, I have met many great friends through this blog, some of whom have been a great support network for me. 

Bear with me. I will be back to fashion, blogging, my degree, and my job in time.

My dad in about 1998. Strangeness definitely runs in the family

Monday, 18 November 2013


 photo aP1090019_zps7ba05e13.jpg

Here comes the feeling you thought you'd forgotten.. the feeling that your space buns are wonky and there's not a damned thing you can do about it. In my defence they were a lot straighter when I left the house: it was my over-zealous dancing (ahem, pogoing) to Vampire Weekend that knocked them askew. These really are bouncing soles, I tell ya.

I'm wearing:

 photo aP1090017_zps71e7cdcd.jpg
 photo aP1090018_zpsd507d535.jpg
 photo aP1090004_zpsda52c333.jpg
 photo aP1090005_zpsa51d3412.jpg
 photo aP1090009_zps5c533dd2.jpg

Thursday, 14 November 2013


 photo aaIMG_0509_zps9d88958f.jpg

Seapunk at the Sea Life Centre wasn't entirely intentional, I just wanted to wear my new birthday threads. Kinda feel like a slime green fluffy jumper and knee-high double soled Docs complete any outfit now though. Also, blue hair has now paled to the perfect icy colour (this is more accurate) though it was much brighter, I swear - evidence here.

The Sea Life Centre at Trafford is just a little one but well worth a visit. They work hard to protect the oceans and don't keep any species too large for captivity, so it's a thumbs up ethically, too.

I'm wearing:
Oasis skirt
Pamela Mann tights

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 photo aaIMG_0579_zps6a71cd49.jpg
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Saturday, 2 November 2013


ppq eshvi knuckle ring

This Eshvi ring has been occupying my brainspace lately, as seen in gold on the spring/summer 2014 PPQ runway below.

Will it go to retail? Maybe. Will I be able to afford it? It's highly unlikely.
(Would I end up losing it even if I did buy it? Almost definitely)

Above image from Wolf Whistle's Twitter; the original obsession enabler.

ppq eshvi knuckle ring