Friday, 5 April 2013


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There were only three of us in my primary school friend group, so although it was difficult to play Spice Girls we managed to find a way: learning the lyrics of the first album off by heart and copying the dance moves taped from videos. A particular favourite was Say You'll Be There - still probably my favourite Spicey song - five strong women wearing badass clothes kicking ass.. in the middle of the desert. As you do.

All this took place whilst simultaneously arguing over who was which Spice. The girl closest to my heart was always Baby but I was doomed to be Sporty throughout my Spice impersonation career. To be fair, at the time I had very straight brown hair and lived in trackies and trainers (and arguably had the best singing voice, har har); I just didn't possess the confidence to wear Baby's short, shiny outfits. I hated even wearing fitted t-shirts, while all around me the other girls wore short skirts and played with make-up, thinking that they had to dress to attract boys.

It's only upon reflection now do I realise how different the Spice Girls really were to anyone else around at the time. They dressed for themselves, and for each other, not men - the original man repellers, if you like. I used to like the idea of "girl power" but I didn't really get it; now I do I'm behind it even more than I was then!

I guess now I'm making up for lost time, living out my inner Baby Spice dream: I'm totally obsessed with white platforms and anything rainbow, shiny, holographic or fluffy. If in doubt, think WWBSD: What Would Baby Spice Do.

 photo IMG_7314_zps612a63ff.jpg
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Jeffrey Campbell Suebee shoes

Whilst I'm not sure I'd actually go out with hair like this now - it cuts a little close to the "desperately clinging onto youth" bone - one of the main reasons I love blogging is because I get to do dumb stuff, record it, and people seem to LIKE IT. I do hope you're laughing along with me and not at me.

PS. whilst creating this collage I discovered three things..
  1. Comic Sans MS does have its uses in ironic 1990s graphics. NOWHERE ELSE.
  2. Baby's white Buffalo shoes are available to buy on Schuh. OMG.
  3. This collection of Spice Girls memorabilia is astounding.


  1. Oh my gawd Sarah you look adorable! That is some spot on Baby styling! I was always Scary because I love leopard print lol This should totally be a fblogger tag post!

    J xxxx

  2. i absolutely love the spice girls! went to their reunion tour a couple of years ago

  3. This post is just perfect ahaa I was inevitably Scary Spice as a child! I luurve your socks and shoes xx

  4. I love this post so much! Being naturally blonde I was always Baby Spice ;) xx

  5. You are sooo baby spice! I absolutely love this x

  6. I absolutely love this post! I was sporty spice as well in my group of friends acting out the spice girls.

  7. awhhh i love spice girls too, love your shoes too :D Nice pict :D
    Im following you now, mind to follow back? Kisses :*

  8. I see why you quoted Spice Girls on mah blog now! Oh I love the hairrr....I think you should just go out like it, looks awesome! Mine could never do that as it's too thin. I had a trio of friends too! I was always posh spice because I had a brown bob, but desperately wanted to be baby. SPICE GIRLS FOREVER! <3

  9. YES TO EVERYTHING. I love your little mood board and your outfit. Beyond adorable and nostalgic x

  10. I feel SO left out because I was never into The Spice Girls at all. Can totally see how Baby inspires you though! xxx

  11. Haha this is aaaaawesome! I was a big fan of baby spice back in the days!



    Ps: Enter my GIVEAWAY for a chance to win one of the two By Cleo statement necklaces!

  12. YES!

    I was a ginger fan, i loved how cheeky she was!

    and those socks are amazing x

  13. I was totally Baby too!Love the socks! I used to have white platforms xx

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  15. YES YES YES SO F**** GREAT!!! <3


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