Wednesday, 10 April 2013


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Ever since the exterior of the Manchester Art Gallery was overtaken with organic decoration in February, I'd been curious to see what the Raqib Shaw exhibition inside was all about. It wasn't until the outside had sprung into bloom that I finally made the trip and boy, am I ever glad I did.

The pieces of art were breathtakingly beautiful, painted with enamels, glitter and rhinestones, which sounds garish but the shiny brightness was just a ruse for the gruesome subject matters. Look closely and you will see all sorts of grimness, from airborne monsters attacking royal beasts, to monkey warriors being castrated, to intestines spilling out across the canvas. The last thing you see in the exhibition is a sculpture of a lobster/shrimp/thing attacking a naked half-man, half-bird. No amount of glitter could disguise its goriness and it was so overwhelming both my boyfriend and our friend had to have a little sit down to recollect themselves after seeing it up close (I was OK though, just fascinated. I'm clearly made of stronger stuff).

Those of a somewhat nervous disposition could just focus on the colour, glitter, and unusual painting technique of blending different colours of enamel to create a marble effect. My photos do not represent the grandeur of these pieces; I'd say they had to be seen to be really appreciated. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me, fine holiday fun. Though perhaps not one for the kiddies.

Oh, and I also wore an outfit. But how do I discuss clothes after seeing such a mind-bending exhibition?! Can't stop thinking about the psychedelic colours and unsettling images..!

I wore:
Vintage/DIY waistcoat
Dad's trilby
Forever 21 bag
Topshop tights
Office shoes

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  1. I love love love that dress and waistcoat combo!! And the hair. And the coat. And the tights. And the exhibition. And YOU.

  2. your outfits genuinely make me so happy !

  3. Your outfit is amazing, I love the sleeves on your dress! The exhibition looks great x

  4. THE DRESS! AARGH! You're selling it to me even more with the sleeves! Best Easter bunny present! I am all for exhibition going, my friend dragged me to the Saatchi the other day and it was actually great! This looks awesome but that last picture...very realistic looking saliva?! x

  5. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even on Lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3


  6. OMG !!!!! PINK HAIR !!! ,you have a face for pink , it looks amazing on you , truly does !!!!!

  7. I love exhibitions like this, good to see something that's different! I love your snazzy tights xxx

  8. You're wearing THE dress. Gosh it looks amazing on, your mum rocks. I still can't get over your pink hair, I want it too! Waaaah.


  9. cute pictures! i love your hair and your tights xx

  10. ooo I been wanting to the art gallery for a while now after walking past and seeing how pretty it looks. Love the tights.

    Lola x

  11. Wow that exhibit is well, mind blowing. Same people are so talented. LOVE your outfit, and your hair is looking damn amazing, love the pink xx

  12. Oooh I'll have to take a peek next time i'm in Picadilly!

    Your hair looks fab! The dress is gorgeous, it's SO you.



  13. this is one of my favourite outfits of yours ever! the dress is so gorgeous, and your hair looks bloody amazing! it really suits you <3 xx

  14. That dress is amazing, makes me want to run off to a festival right this minute! I love walking round art galleries every so often, its refreshing to do something different than the usual everyday stuff. This one looks like a goodun too. The man/bird-eating lobster's really selling it to me... :) xxx

  15. Your blog is totally my favourite at the moment. I fricking LOVE your hair and that waistcoat!



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