Saturday, 13 April 2013


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Movies inspire my style more than anything, and since I often sit with a favourite film playing while I work or browse the internet they influence me subliminally. This is definitely the case with Clueless, Mean Girls, ad Heathers, one of which is constantly playing when I'm in the house on my own, and I do believe this shows in my style!

Last Saturday I watched Dazed & Confused and since then I've had the 70s on my brain. Filmed in 1993, it's set in 1976 and features slogan tees with pastel denim, cute hairstyles, distressed dungarees, a faded, sun-drenched quality about everything, Parker Posey being a complete bitch.. and it all came to a head in this outfit which incorporated the flares and the high-school pride, plus the totally retro zig-zag blouse, as seen on Posey in her final drunken scene. This is a charity shop special lacking any form of store label but it is exactly the same as something I would've worn circa 1997: the Seventies was my era even then and I loved the white flares and burnout zigzag tops my mum got me from random cheap shops in town. Maybe even the market. But I wouldn't have told my friends that.

I can't believe I don't currently own a pair of pale denim flares but it's not through lack of trying; I picked these MiH jeans up for mega cheap intending to bleach them to acid wash. I've bleached them three times now and they seem to be almost resistant to it! Really happy with this faded lilac now though.. I'll just be on the lookout for some 70s-style high waist flares in vintage stores.

And the film.. well, if you haven't seen it already then I'm sure you can pick it up for cheap from pretty much anywhere. If, like me, you're into American high school films where nothing really happens apart from beer bongs, bong bongs and teenage romances then it's a classic.

I'm wearing:
Charity shop blouse
Vintage bag

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  1. Omgosh, such an awesome post! I've never heard of that film but it sounds right up my street haha. I looove this look, clever you for bleaching the MIH's, lilac is my fave colour at the mo. Still jealz of this WF sweater!

    Random fact: One day at school we had a casual friday and you could dress up in 70s clothing if you wanted. I decided against it and just wore my favourite outfit at the time. During the last period my teacher asked all those in 70s get up to come to the front of the class for a photo. When I didn't move he basically dragged me to the front because I was dressed so appropriately. I died a million deaths, it turned out my flared jeans and my favourite pink tracksuit style top was oh so 70s but I just thought I was stylin'! I guess I kinda was...haha. T xo

  2. I LOVE Dazed and Confused! xx



  4. Awesome post! Love the movie referencing!

    Boy In Brogues


  5. love this styling<3 wish more people would dress like you!

  6. I love the cool purple jeans!

  7. amazing!!
    i relly enjoyed this!!
    too cute

  8. um YES! love Dazed and Confused, you looked like you walked out of it! Obviously that means you look awesome. How much do you wish you went to high school in 1975? x

  9. I ADORE your sweatshirt, I'm a massive fan of Wildfox :) New follower here - great blog :)

    Dusterknuckles | Fashion // Beauty // Lifestyle

  10. I love your jumper! You pink hair is amazing too x

  11. Just genuinely really love your blog :) it's so colourful! xoxo

  12. I've never seen the movie !! You made me want to see it now thank you !!! And I love your outfit !! The shoes are great !!! I'm a new follower now !!

  13. Hot damn. Love those flares with those shoes!

  14. This outfit is Phenomenal ! Love the Wildfox jumper and the purple flares are such a great find.
    You have a unique style lady, happy follower of your blog x Ash


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