Thursday, 24 October 2013


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Stuff wot I are feeling right now. Click image for source.

In other news: my hair is blue, I'm working harder at uni than I ever thought possible, and I bullied my boyfriend into buying me my dream boots for my birthday. Which is in two and a half weeks. Just in case you cared.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013


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From what I remember Vogue Fashion's Night Out was pretty spectacular; from the incredible views and numerous bottles of champagne at the Valentino suite at the Radisson Blu (fun fact: the hotel used to be the Free Trade Hall, playing host to legendary music acts like Bob Dylan and Louis Armstrong) to being drunkenly lairy at Kate Phelan, to befriending Felix from the Maccabees and bullying him into charging my phone. Probably the most drunk I've been since I was a teenager.. no regrets though. It's not often in life you get chance to rub shoulders with (and ultimately be rude to) people you respect and admire.

So many photos for you to feast your eyes on, with many more that didn't make the cut due to being way blurry/shameful. This blog is going on hiatus for a little while, so enjoy and I will see you soon.

I'm wearing:
Minkpink blazer & bag
Urban Outfitters t-shirt
MAC Cyber lipstick

Photos featuring Maria, Lucy, Sheree, Penny, & Zabrina, plus some fashionable FNO-goers who caught my eye

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013


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Although I may be in the minority here, I'm pretty glad the weather has taken a turn for the chillier today. It means that it's time to wear fluffy knits, tartan, and velvet.. which I have already been doing for the past few weeks, albeit with a brow full of sweat; but today it was definitely cold enough to wear my sicko new alien jumper dress for the first time.

It would have been too easy to style it with my silver David Bowie-esque boots and space buns - totally going to do that soon - but for a casual day at uni I just threw on my Nikes and a cosy carpet coat (never thought I'd see the day I wore sports trainers out of the gym.. how times change). And, how could I resist - little lilac antennae buns. I've been struggling with yellow roots the past few days so I've been toning and purple shampoo-ing hard, and now I look at these pictures I see my hair has actually started to go purple! I'm sat with the new Bleach white toner on my head as I type so hopefully I will have platinum locks by the time you read this.

I definitely forecast the sci-fi trend last year (although I would say that, being really modest and all) and my number one dudes Evil Twin are running with it this season: the I Want To Believe collection is full of dreamy galaxies, otherworldly intarsia knits, metallics, shredded knits, and their signature apocalyptic slogans. It's just what I'm feeling right now - kinda scruffy, kinda tomboy, but totally badass.

I'm wearing:
Nike Free Run trainers

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PS. If you started singing this when you read the title, then you and I would have been best friends aged fifteen. And now, too..!

Monday, 7 October 2013


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When Halloween comes around, it's normally pumpkin orange I'm drawn to, but this season I'm right the way across the colour wheel.. with slimey snotty green!

It all started when I saw a customer at work wearing lime green-to-black ombréd Nike Air Max. Like, I'd barely even looked at a pair of Air Max, let alone liked them. But that's where my obsessions come from: absolutely nowhere, just a glimpse of inspiration. Most of these obsessions don't even make it as far as my wardrobe!

So.. since I completed a first draft of a uni assignment today I treated myself to some procrastination this evening in the form of a vibes collage. A very slime green collage, with my current fashspiration, Slimer the ectoplasm dude. Unsurprisingly snot is not the most popular colour for most retailer and I've not managed to find the ombré Nikes but I did find a few bits, though I'd really love a slime-coloured fluffy jumper. I trawled eBay last night thinking it'd be something I'd have to get vintage but nothing, but good old Topshop has come up trumps with pretty much the perfect one. Score.

Topshop fluffy knit
Bad Vibes Olive Juice leggings
Casio watch
Nike Air Max
UNIF tank

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 photo ion-cover_zps87408c8b.jpg
 photo Grimes_at_SxSW_2012_zps5a249e8f.jpg
 photo kp_zpsfac31fa2.jpg

ALSO who remembers when people got gunged on TV??? Why was that even bad? I wanna be gunged!!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


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Oh, man - so I started my third and final year of my degree two weeks ago and already am I thoroughly immersed in corporate strategy models and branding textbooks, plus I have a cold.. hence the unexpected blogging hiatus. Even my mum has been concerned with my lack of blogging, so here you go, mum. This one is for you!

A few weeks ago (okay.. in August, eek) I visited the headquarters of fashion brand Very. It's situated in an the awe-inspiring space of an old aircraft hanger just outside of Liverpool. I was invited down along with Chyaz, Sarah & Amy for a fashion photography workshop, where we learned about the ins and outs of Very's photography studio - that should be studios, really, as there's a separate building for the model shots with three studios, plus the still life studio a little down the road. The studio we worked in was abuzz with stylists, models, and photographers, and we got the chance to try our hand at each of the job roles that day.

Beginning with creating "bibles" for the looks (that's styling up the pieces on the models then photographing them so you don't forget for after hair & make-up) to final edits, we went through the whole process as if we were photographing for the catalogue. The fabulous Chyaz (dying over that girl's beautiful hair) took my photos, and I must admit I'm rather pleased with them.. want one blown up for Christmas, mum? The other girls were beaut, too; you can tell we've had practise in front of the camera from blogging!

There's a behind-the-scenes video, and it's worth checking out the Very Definitions ad if you haven't seen it yet - it's produced by the same guys who make the Daft Punk videos, plus I love the song which is Fineshrine by Purity Ring.

I'm wearing:
Very Love Label & Definitions
Eyelash knitted jumper
Grey maxi dress
Blouson sequin dress
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