Wednesday, 9 October 2013


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Although I may be in the minority here, I'm pretty glad the weather has taken a turn for the chillier today. It means that it's time to wear fluffy knits, tartan, and velvet.. which I have already been doing for the past few weeks, albeit with a brow full of sweat; but today it was definitely cold enough to wear my sicko new alien jumper dress for the first time.

It would have been too easy to style it with my silver David Bowie-esque boots and space buns - totally going to do that soon - but for a casual day at uni I just threw on my Nikes and a cosy carpet coat (never thought I'd see the day I wore sports trainers out of the gym.. how times change). And, how could I resist - little lilac antennae buns. I've been struggling with yellow roots the past few days so I've been toning and purple shampoo-ing hard, and now I look at these pictures I see my hair has actually started to go purple! I'm sat with the new Bleach white toner on my head as I type so hopefully I will have platinum locks by the time you read this.

I definitely forecast the sci-fi trend last year (although I would say that, being really modest and all) and my number one dudes Evil Twin are running with it this season: the I Want To Believe collection is full of dreamy galaxies, otherworldly intarsia knits, metallics, shredded knits, and their signature apocalyptic slogans. It's just what I'm feeling right now - kinda scruffy, kinda tomboy, but totally badass.

I'm wearing:
Nike Free Run trainers

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PS. If you started singing this when you read the title, then you and I would have been best friends aged fifteen. And now, too..!


  1. I want that minkpink coat so bad, jealoussss

  2. I love your playful personality and wardrobe, not to mention your hair is perfect. I'm glad we can agree on the chillier weather :)

  3. that coat is so amazing, ah! looks so rad with a bit of aliens!

  4. Such a cool knit, I love how oversized it is! When I spotted that jacket online I thought of you IMMEDIAZ, so glad you copped one, looking waaaaaaaay badass. Obvio.

    Tara xo

  5. ah that coat is beautiful! and I LOVE your jumper

  6. YES to the title, Blink was my first thought! I've been lusting after this jumper for ages, looks so badass on you! <3

  7. I love your hair, it's such a lovely colour! Just found your blog and looking forward to following! xx

  8. Uhoh the tights are on! How long id you last for? I'm still resisting, and is it possible to still be in holiday mode two weeks later? You definitely should try the parma violets,hope the toner works-it's the best one I've tried, gives an all-over tone instead of patchy, and almost a more grey colour if you leave it on!

    PS: I wish I hadn't seen you could buy that MP from ASOS now, I've just bought 3(!) coats but I really want this one....

  9. Yay! I've found a blink-182 loving hippy here in Manchester! You have just made my day. Following you via bloglovin now :)


  10. I want hair like yours its amazing! x

  11. LOVE the outfit chick! :)


  12. That coat is gorgeous :-) I totally agree on the weather thing to although Summer is great I do love Winter trends and wrapping up in scarfs, new coats and chunky knits! xx

  13. love the jumper !!
    you look gorgeous as ever


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