Monday, 7 October 2013


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When Halloween comes around, it's normally pumpkin orange I'm drawn to, but this season I'm right the way across the colour wheel.. with slimey snotty green!

It all started when I saw a customer at work wearing lime green-to-black ombréd Nike Air Max. Like, I'd barely even looked at a pair of Air Max, let alone liked them. But that's where my obsessions come from: absolutely nowhere, just a glimpse of inspiration. Most of these obsessions don't even make it as far as my wardrobe!

So.. since I completed a first draft of a uni assignment today I treated myself to some procrastination this evening in the form of a vibes collage. A very slime green collage, with my current fashspiration, Slimer the ectoplasm dude. Unsurprisingly snot is not the most popular colour for most retailer and I've not managed to find the ombré Nikes but I did find a few bits, though I'd really love a slime-coloured fluffy jumper. I trawled eBay last night thinking it'd be something I'd have to get vintage but nothing, but good old Topshop has come up trumps with pretty much the perfect one. Score.

Topshop fluffy knit
Bad Vibes Olive Juice leggings
Casio watch
Nike Air Max
UNIF tank

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 photo ion-cover_zps87408c8b.jpg
 photo Grimes_at_SxSW_2012_zps5a249e8f.jpg
 photo kp_zpsfac31fa2.jpg

ALSO who remembers when people got gunged on TV??? Why was that even bad? I wanna be gunged!!


  1. River Island do the most amazing lime green fluffy jumper at the moment! x

  2. totally in love with this post!

  3. Yes this is so good! I love this colour, I have the tackiest hoop earrings the the slimiest of greens that I totally forgot to put on this morning and your post reminded me ah!! xxx

  4. I used to love the gunging on TV!! Why don't they do it anymore!? :O The Casio watch is sweeeet. Want.

    Tara xo

  5. i have a similar green fluffy jumper! great idea to wear it for halloween :)

  6. Lovvveee this kind of colour at the moment, Topshop do seem to be ruling the roost with it too. Hahah remember 'Get Your Own Back'? Oh what a show! xxx


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