Wednesday, 21 August 2013


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What possessed somebody to spray paint this thin white line on the wall? Did it mean anything, or was it just a rebellious act of swiping the spray across the corrugated iron? I suspect the latter, because as a young 'un I've randomly defaced public objects with marker pens only to panic for weeks afterwards that the police would come knocking on my door about the messy "I <3 JONNO" (or whoever, I don't actually think I've ever fancied anyone called Jonno anyway) scrawled on the train station wall.

I spotted this line anyway and decided I wanted my picture taken in front of it. And, thanks maybe to the bottle of wine I'd shared with my boyfriend's mum previously, had a lot of fun taking them. I'd been out to eat with Chris's parents plus his grandad so I hope these pictures show how these amazing trousers can be dressed up for dinner instead of dressed down for work; I really believe statement trousers are a necessity in everyone's wardrobe and think they are really versatile.

Also, I've been using a cocktail of new oils in my hair lately and I can really tell the difference, even in these photos. I'm going to really hammer the hair growth tricks in the next few weeks and will update you on the results in a few weeks' time. A bit of an experiment, if you like!

I'm wearing:
Vintage waistcoat
Minkpink Distant Traveller trousers
Fringed bag from Portuguese market
Bohemian Collective sample sale necklace

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 photo IMG_9535_zpsfa3059bc.jpg
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Sunday, 18 August 2013


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Rarely do I list my rings in my outfit photos; there is usually so much of it an entire post is required. Well, here is that post! Most of it is rather old I'm afraid but some pieces you can still pick up in the store described, or at least very similar pieces, and hopefully I'll give you some new ideas of where to shop for new ring bling. The stories of my finger adornment, listed left to right as seen in the photos:

BCBG Max Azria two-finger ring, snapped up in the Harvey Nichols sale. I've never been able to find this or anything similar online so I suggest hitting up the next in-store HN sale and rummaging through the jewellery. I do it every time now in the hope I'll find another gem!

Dixi little finger knuckle ring (both little fingers), in gold & twisted silver. I'm amazed I've not lost these as they are so tiny, and I've had them around a year now! I must be honest, I had a faulty Dixi product and never had any response from them about a replacement, which is a real shame as I think their jewellery is lovely - the faux opal & large green stone ring are also from there.

The Topshop eye ring was another sale bargain. This is so quirky and I love it so much, plus my index finger is abnormally fat and rings don't normally fit on there, so it's an added bonus that this one does! There's not much on the sale section of their site right now, but if you go in store there's always a reduced Freedom stand or two.

Both of the wishbone rings are from the Bohemian Collective, my absolute favourite jewellery store on the web. I think the thicker one is meant to be a regular ring, but I bought it in a smaller size so it would sit as a midi ring on my middle finger. The rings on the site are listed in ring size though (rather than S/M/L) so you know exactly which size to buy.

We had a big transfer of sale jewellery at work from the flagship store where apparently sale jewellery doesn't sell all that well. It was all really unusual, with hand chains, chunky rings and feathers, and I snaffled a load of it for really cheap (plus 15% student discount). So don't forget to check out your local Oasis's sale jewellery section - you may find a real gem, like my thumb ring!

Finally, the big chevron ring on my middle finger is from Primark. It was years and years ago now but it's stuck with me, and despite turning my finger a mouldy shade of green every time I wear it I still love it.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas of where to find cool jewellery, but if you're still stuck check out Galibardy, Little Teacup, Delilah Dust, Wonsuponatime.. plus the sale sections of high street retailers, local hippy shops, charity shops and car boot sales. Happy jewel hunting!

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


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Oh, what to say, what to say. I suppose I could talk about my outfit, or my feelings, or what I did today. But I really have nothing to say about any of that. I could use this space to get on my soapbox about something I feel passionate about, or inform you about some current affair or other; again, nothing immediately springs to mind, though I often find myself agitated upon hearing the news, wishing I could do more.

I wish I could use this space as more of a platform to air my views and opinions, or to stick up for what is right, though for some reason it never sits right with pictures of my outfits. "Here's a picture of my shoes.. and did you know that in South Africa more than 30% of girls have been raped by the time they are 18?" I don't think you'd stick around very long.

Did you also know that I am pescetarian? When people ask why, I say it's just because I don't like meat. But it is so much more than that; I just don't want to bore or offend anyone. Maybe it's about time I stuck my neck out and stuck up for the stuff I believe in. As Cher Horowitz said, "don't you want to use your popularity for a good cause?"

Such is the life of a confused semi-realist in a consumerist culture. Now, about my shoes...

I'm wearing:
Accessorize fedora
Topshop denim bralet
Prophecy kimono
Charity shop skirt
(similar on Ulrikke's Etsy)
Love Label Dicker-ish boots

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 photo IMG_9363_zps5642aebe.jpg
 photo IMG_9341_zps6056a6e5.jpg
 photo IMG_9323_zps3810b105.jpg
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I hate to break it to you, but the weather: I feel it a-changing. That three weeks of summer we had sure was spectacular but there is now something in the air that makes me look forward to autumn.. and at least you can always depend on autumn to be totally, well, autumnal.

As I've been browsing new season collections I've been drawn to the idea of capsule wardrobes; instead of having a wardrobe full of all sorts of patterns and colours, it's about fewer pieces that all work hard together to make lots of different looks. Yeah, yeah, it's not a new concept, though it is to me, the perennial maximalist! Thakoon Addition embodies this capsule ethos, with luxe grey marl jersey working with tile prints and chunky knits. I'm particularly fond of the Foulard print - a Moroccan-style pattern that would have a place in my wardrobe for many seasons to come - and not just because it's identical to the print on my rug in my living room (below!). I can't believe Thakoon came into my house and nicked the idea.

You may not have needed those sundresses that much this year, but something you will always need in autumn is the perfect coat - and you don't get much more perfect than Thakoon's leather trim piece. Clean and minimal shape with grey leopard adding a 90s twist. Ideal with stompy boots and multiple hair buns, this reminds me of classic Gwen Stefani, and that is only ever a great thing!

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Friday, 9 August 2013


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Sometimes, I just get The Calling: an enigmatic desire to go to the charity shops. Do you ever get that? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love poking round the chazzas any time, but sometimes I get pulled there by an unseen force, and usually there is something so special and precious waiting for me that it all somehow makes sense.

Take Wednesday, for example. I had the day off, and the evening before I started getting the urge to go charity shopping, specificially to South Manchester, despite being recommended some other locations. I first hit Chorlton, then Didsbury; I'd picked up a few nice things (patchouli incense, Me Without You, paisley fabric) but nothing that would really explain how I had been drawn out.

I left the penultimate shop on my circuit, wondering whether I could be bothered going to the last - it was across a busy road, after all - and something reminded me about the calling I'd felt. And of course.. in the last shop, there it was. Brand new with tags, Minkpink, burnout velvet blazer. For £7.50. Seven fifty! I felt like I was robbing the poor charity, but I didn't complain out loud; I just grabbed it and paid for it straight away, without trying it on or looking at anything else. To me the worst part is that it's the old Minkpink tag, and it's not a piece in my memory.. so it's been sat around in somebody's wardrobe for years, most likely. Sad!

In one fell swoop, I have the foundation block for my autumn/winter wardrobe for less than a tenner. What can I say? Just gotta answer the calling.

 photo IMG_9393_zps0235b6da.jpg
 photo IMG_9369_zpsbee4864d.jpg
 photo IMG_9415_zps5ee82960.jpg
 photo IMG_9371_zps7cc42618.jpg
He always has to get involved, doesn't he?

PS. We've launched a YouTube channel at work and we made our first video yesterday when I wore this outfit. Check it out and recall that I am a Northerner who is too lazy to say her "t"s!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


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"Is this really weird, or just a bit weird?" I ask my boyfriend of this outfit. "Well, it's certainly an interesting mix", he says with the tact that four years of these questions bring. This outfit actually came together through a desire to wear this shirt plus the autumn feelinz I've already been experiencing lately. I know we had eight gruelling months of winter but I already want to wear tartan and velvet! So I've made my craving work for summer with a mini length and bare legs, though I'm very much looking forward to these trousers being available so I can act out my tartan trip fully.

If you're into this necklace, by the way, get in here quick for some real bargains. Faye is selling off samples she's made that haven't quite made the Bohemian Collective cut; her standards must really be scrupulous as I adore every single piece. It took me a few days to choose which slice I wanted as every time I looked I was drawn to a different one, but I finally went for this because of its unusual shape and its freshly-made-iced-latte colouring. Perfect with the clouds of smoke of this Evil Twin shirt!

I'm wearing:
Oasis skirt & hand chain

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 photo IMG_9252_zpsfbec9d60.jpg
 photo IMG_9217_zps34819b22.jpg
 photo IMG_9241_zps021ec690.jpg
 photo IMG_9260_zpsc1e433b8.jpg

Saturday, 3 August 2013


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When am I going to learn that the top-of-head ponytail is not going to happen for me? I need someone to sit me down and tell me, "Sarah, stop trying to make the top-of-head ponytail happen. It's not going to happen." Maybe it should be Regina George, where is she these days anyways?

At least I'm wearing my current best dress. Stars and moons from Evil Twin, a sale bargain from Urban Outfitters, though sold out there now sadly. I'm completely obsessing over this & next season Evil Twin - especially as my usual favourite, and ET's sister brand, Minkpink is looking kinda weak for autumn - I'm really excited about denim anoraks, oversized plaid and tinfoil-like fabric. Maybe if you look at the No Guts, No Glory lookbook you'll see where I got the top-of-head bun idea from.. alas, I am not cool, ice blonde Russian-Aussie Anja Konstantinova. Such is life.

I also wore this dress to graduate from my FdSc last week. I obviously took the whole occasion completely seriously (I get another graduation next year for my BSc anyway, winner) especially as inside the scroll it just said "your certificate will be posted to you as soon as possible". I mean.. is that normal? Is that what happens at graduations?! Seriously, I want to know. Glad to see the Manchester Town Hall stayed on theme with the star ceiling mural, though.

I'm wearing:
DIY waistcoat
(patches from this eBay seller)
Delilah Dust, market & Urban Outfitters necklaces

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 photo IMG_9192_zps40b35073.jpg
 photo IMG_9196_zps912c6c0f.jpg
 photo IMG_9190_zps26aae411.jpg
 photo IMG_9198_zps94949a66.jpg
 photo IMG_9105_zps71ca4926.jpg
 photo IMG_9091_zpsa6aa9cc4.jpg

Thursday, 1 August 2013


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My dad's birthday on Tuesday took us to Stoneyford Gardens in the heart of Cheshire, home to many a flora, fauna, beast and minibeast, including more bees than I've seen for a long time. This itself made me so happy as the fuzzy little critters are reportedly in decline, so it was wonderful to see so many happily buzzing around the flowers. It's dreadful to think that a few generations down the line may only see bees in photographs!

I'm so glad my dad chose there rather than any more rock 'n roll birthday activities (though at sixty-one, what do you expect? .. Ahem). It's the most beautiful garden, a labour of love by the family who live on the premises, simultaneously in the middle of nowhere yet close to my home town. It's the first time I've truly appreciated landscaping but I also loved the vivid colours of the flowers, the feeling of peace you got from wandering around the gardens, plus the huge amount of bees and butterflies picking up pollen, making the whole place self-perpetuating.

We sat for a while just looking out onto the garden. I'd like to say I was contemplating life or whatevs but I wasn't thinking anything, just feeling content. And excitement for the potential of a cream tea in the gardens' lovely tearooms!

NB: I didn't notice that my parents were wearing the-same-but-opposite top half. Gonna rip them for that now. Haha, happy birthday, dad!

I'm wearing:
French Connection fringed top
Cameo Rose leopard blazer
Zara camoflage trousers
Office shoes
Forever 21 necklace

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 photo IMG_9148_zps8fe6db06.jpg
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 photo IMG_9145_zps25fd2580.jpg
 photo IMG_9141_zpscbce942b.jpg
 photo IMG_9150_zps3ee68031.jpg
 photo IMG_9171_zpsf165051b.jpg
 photo IMG_9174_zpsc995c6a3.jpg
 photo IMG_9155_zpsa48face2.jpg