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Rarely do I list my rings in my outfit photos; there is usually so much of it an entire post is required. Well, here is that post! Most of it is rather old I'm afraid but some pieces you can still pick up in the store described, or at least very similar pieces, and hopefully I'll give you some new ideas of where to shop for new ring bling. The stories of my finger adornment, listed left to right as seen in the photos:

BCBG Max Azria two-finger ring, snapped up in the Harvey Nichols sale. I've never been able to find this or anything similar online so I suggest hitting up the next in-store HN sale and rummaging through the jewellery. I do it every time now in the hope I'll find another gem!

Dixi little finger knuckle ring (both little fingers), in gold & twisted silver. I'm amazed I've not lost these as they are so tiny, and I've had them around a year now! I must be honest, I had a faulty Dixi product and never had any response from them about a replacement, which is a real shame as I think their jewellery is lovely - the faux opal & large green stone ring are also from there.

The Topshop eye ring was another sale bargain. This is so quirky and I love it so much, plus my index finger is abnormally fat and rings don't normally fit on there, so it's an added bonus that this one does! There's not much on the sale section of their site right now, but if you go in store there's always a reduced Freedom stand or two.

Both of the wishbone rings are from the Bohemian Collective, my absolute favourite jewellery store on the web. I think the thicker one is meant to be a regular ring, but I bought it in a smaller size so it would sit as a midi ring on my middle finger. The rings on the site are listed in ring size though (rather than S/M/L) so you know exactly which size to buy.

We had a big transfer of sale jewellery at work from the flagship store where apparently sale jewellery doesn't sell all that well. It was all really unusual, with hand chains, chunky rings and feathers, and I snaffled a load of it for really cheap (plus 15% student discount). So don't forget to check out your local Oasis's sale jewellery section - you may find a real gem, like my thumb ring!

Finally, the big chevron ring on my middle finger is from Primark. It was years and years ago now but it's stuck with me, and despite turning my finger a mouldy shade of green every time I wear it I still love it.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas of where to find cool jewellery, but if you're still stuck check out Galibardy, Little Teacup, Delilah Dust, Wonsuponatime.. plus the sale sections of high street retailers, local hippy shops, charity shops and car boot sales. Happy jewel hunting!

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  1. Oh you look fabulous! Thanks so much for giving Wonsuponatime a mention! xx

  2. Oh you look fabulous! Thanks so much for giving Wonsuponatime a mention! xx

  3. you're the cutest

  4. i have so many fave rings that just are all rusted and turn me green haha, i love all these! Plus ALWAYSSS wait for Topshop jewellery in the sale!


  5. such hot rings!!!! i need a new appartment for mine.
    great style and ncie blog you have here, doll.

  6. That BCBG ring is awesome! Serious finger candy. <3


  7. love how you layer jewellery together! you have awesome rings <3

    Check out my latest outfit post on blog! :)

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  9. AAAHH so many amamzing rings!!

  10. beautiful like always


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