Thursday, 1 August 2013


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My dad's birthday on Tuesday took us to Stoneyford Gardens in the heart of Cheshire, home to many a flora, fauna, beast and minibeast, including more bees than I've seen for a long time. This itself made me so happy as the fuzzy little critters are reportedly in decline, so it was wonderful to see so many happily buzzing around the flowers. It's dreadful to think that a few generations down the line may only see bees in photographs!

I'm so glad my dad chose there rather than any more rock 'n roll birthday activities (though at sixty-one, what do you expect? .. Ahem). It's the most beautiful garden, a labour of love by the family who live on the premises, simultaneously in the middle of nowhere yet close to my home town. It's the first time I've truly appreciated landscaping but I also loved the vivid colours of the flowers, the feeling of peace you got from wandering around the gardens, plus the huge amount of bees and butterflies picking up pollen, making the whole place self-perpetuating.

We sat for a while just looking out onto the garden. I'd like to say I was contemplating life or whatevs but I wasn't thinking anything, just feeling content. And excitement for the potential of a cream tea in the gardens' lovely tearooms!

NB: I didn't notice that my parents were wearing the-same-but-opposite top half. Gonna rip them for that now. Haha, happy birthday, dad!

I'm wearing:
French Connection fringed top
Cameo Rose leopard blazer
Zara camoflage trousers
Office shoes
Forever 21 necklace

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  1. I love the birdcage, I kind fo want to fo there just for that. It looks like a beautiful place!

    Rubi x
    The Den

  2. This post is lovely, you look ever so sweet in the photos. And i love the birdcage reminds me of like alice in wonderland. x

  3. Lovely post, looks like pretty little place! Love that giant bird cage and your outfit is perfect :) Just found you blog and had a good read, it's great! Now following :) xx

  4. What a beautiful looking place! x

  5. Love your outfit, those trews especially! I'm happy to have seen a load of bees recently too, even if I am afraid of them. Haha my parents are always wearing the same thing too! xxx

  6. Awww, your parents are so cute! I hope your dad enjoyed his birthday. URGH, I desperately want some camo skinnies, loving the whole print clashing!

    Tara xo

  7. you look mega gorgeous as always! absolutely love your outfit choice, spesh those jeans and shoes, LOVE! Sounds like a lovely day, i'll definitely have to check out stoneyford gardens!

  8. Gosh it looks lovely. I love gardens with secret nooks. Happy brithday to your Pa!
    P.S. you're fueling my urge to have camo jeans badly. Is it wrong for me to hack up my guy's old army uniform?

  9. Total babein' in your NF jewels!! Love it! xx

  10. Total babein' in your NF jewels!! Love it! xx

  11. Such beautiful photos, love your jewels and the camo xxx


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