Wednesday, 21 August 2013


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What possessed somebody to spray paint this thin white line on the wall? Did it mean anything, or was it just a rebellious act of swiping the spray across the corrugated iron? I suspect the latter, because as a young 'un I've randomly defaced public objects with marker pens only to panic for weeks afterwards that the police would come knocking on my door about the messy "I <3 JONNO" (or whoever, I don't actually think I've ever fancied anyone called Jonno anyway) scrawled on the train station wall.

I spotted this line anyway and decided I wanted my picture taken in front of it. And, thanks maybe to the bottle of wine I'd shared with my boyfriend's mum previously, had a lot of fun taking them. I'd been out to eat with Chris's parents plus his grandad so I hope these pictures show how these amazing trousers can be dressed up for dinner instead of dressed down for work; I really believe statement trousers are a necessity in everyone's wardrobe and think they are really versatile.

Also, I've been using a cocktail of new oils in my hair lately and I can really tell the difference, even in these photos. I'm going to really hammer the hair growth tricks in the next few weeks and will update you on the results in a few weeks' time. A bit of an experiment, if you like!

I'm wearing:
Vintage waistcoat
Minkpink Distant Traveller trousers
Fringed bag from Portuguese market
Bohemian Collective sample sale necklace

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  1. those trousers...utterly AMAZING! x

  2. you look awesome, those trousers are amazing and I love how much fun you have in your photos!
    Also your writing style is so good, love the rebellion of a thin white line xx

  3. woo! those trousers are gorgeous<3

  4. only you can pull these off you gorgeous little thing xxx

  5. ahhh love those trews! been looking for something similar for ages but havent found the right ones for me yet x

  6. Those trousers are so cool!

  7. Love the outfit, the mix of the two patterns is amazing

    would love for you to check out my blog

  8. you wear those pants like a boho goddess!! Everything is perfect

  9. You look ridiculously cool all the time, I'm pretty much in awe. Take me shopping please.

    J x x x

  10. Sick trews mate! Loving your new blog design as well xxx

  11. How are you so ridiculously fabulous all the time? AND THESE PANTS DUDE!!! Hope you're having an amazing time in Rome, you truly deserve it!!


  12. Those pants are freakin' amazing! girl you fab

  13. I LOVE those trousers! Good luck with your hair! x

  14. I LOVE your look! pants, bag, great great great!!!!

  15. Sarah those trousers are amazing on you!
    nice pictures as always, can I ask you how do you do the mirror effect?

  16. absolutely love this post, I've always wanted to visit Rome even more so after seeing your stunning photos! your outfit is amazing too, I love the trousers. xo

  17. those pants look like the most comfortable thing in the world.


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