Saturday, 3 August 2013


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When am I going to learn that the top-of-head ponytail is not going to happen for me? I need someone to sit me down and tell me, "Sarah, stop trying to make the top-of-head ponytail happen. It's not going to happen." Maybe it should be Regina George, where is she these days anyways?

At least I'm wearing my current best dress. Stars and moons from Evil Twin, a sale bargain from Urban Outfitters, though sold out there now sadly. I'm completely obsessing over this & next season Evil Twin - especially as my usual favourite, and ET's sister brand, Minkpink is looking kinda weak for autumn - I'm really excited about denim anoraks, oversized plaid and tinfoil-like fabric. Maybe if you look at the No Guts, No Glory lookbook you'll see where I got the top-of-head bun idea from.. alas, I am not cool, ice blonde Russian-Aussie Anja Konstantinova. Such is life.

I also wore this dress to graduate from my FdSc last week. I obviously took the whole occasion completely seriously (I get another graduation next year for my BSc anyway, winner) especially as inside the scroll it just said "your certificate will be posted to you as soon as possible". I mean.. is that normal? Is that what happens at graduations?! Seriously, I want to know. Glad to see the Manchester Town Hall stayed on theme with the star ceiling mural, though.

I'm wearing:
DIY waistcoat
(patches from this eBay seller)
Delilah Dust, market & Urban Outfitters necklaces

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  1. I like the bun on the head, thought it looked really cool the other day! Still loving that jacket xxxx

  2. That D.I.Y waistcoat is lush, I love a bit of crafting, awww congrats hun that dress looked beautiful. That ceiling is just divine, hope you get your real certificate soon xx

  3. When I gradated I was able to get my certificate before gradauation, on the day we were given scrolls with a Lowry print.
    I love the dress.

    Rubi x
    The Den

  4. Envious over your dress! I've been contemplating buying it for a while now!

    Emma x

  5. I like the hair do and your outfit is so cute! I've eyed that dress up online myself, you sell it so well ;) I'm also obsessing over the new ET but I'm also loving the new MP too. My true love is One Teaspoon though, but I'm dreaming if I think I'll be getting any of that goodness anytime soon.

    Congrats on your achievamundo!

    J xxx

  6. Damn I need those all!!! Especially your holographic shoes n denim ripped vest!! So awsum love it love it!!! x))
    Anway, wanna follow each other?? Just let me know ;))

    Visit mine:

  7. Those shoes are great! I'm attracted to anything holographic...
    Absolute beaut

  8. Uhhh...How weird that I was just drooling over this at Yayer!? Freakin' love it! Such an awesome graduation outfit. <3

    T xo

  9. wowow, you look so good!
    that denim vest is to die for, and so are the shoes
    so gorgeous

    Tahnee xxx

  10. love the last photo (congrats!)
    I adore this dress right up my street yo hve the best style


  11. yes yes yes ! those shoes - hello !

  12. Love your hair!x

  13. Well done, love that dress x

  14. I love that you had the guts to try out the top bun!
    Awesome dress & shoes.

  15. Im terribly sorry I am going a little overboard at all your blog posts but they are all amazing!!! :) Even better than seeing a small picture on instagram. Your style is amazing.

  16. I love your prominent brows! Gorgeous.


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