Tuesday, 31 July 2012


There was absolutely no way I could resist sharing the delicious new Wildfox White Label lookbook with you. The collection has reawakened my craving to be a 90s American teenager; surely I'm not the only one to think that the grass was greener across the pond, or did I just watch too much My So Called Life? I so wanted to ditch my maroon school uniform and go to class wearing Converse, pin up a picture of my crush (Joseph Gordon Levitt circa Third Rock From The Sun, obvs) in my locker, and hopelessly try out for Cheer Squad year after year.

Before I unleash the serious eye candy on you, you need to decide whether you're an angel or a devil. But don't worry! There's no soul-searching involved, thanks to the handy little quiz devised by Wildfox: it's not too dissimilar to the quizzes featured in Bliss which decided whether you should speak to your crush or not (NB: you definitely should).

Personally? I'd rather have wings and horns. And yeah, I'm totally still crushing hard on Joseph Gordon Levitt (call me. Let's make out).

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Click to visit the Wildfox blog for more totally rad images!

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Vintage dress & belt 
Forever 21 jacket & necklace 
Tunisian medina bag 
 Surface To Air shoes

This outfit perfectly epitomises my dressing ethos; seamlessly mixing vintage, designer, medina, and high-street to create a modern bohemian look. Or at least, that's what I like to think. The dress ranks up in my favourite garments, and it does have a fabulous backstory (don't they all?). In 1983 my dad worked in Pakistan and brought this dress back for my mum. I'm not sure how it came into my possession but it's now such a staple I can't imagine life without it. 

After lusting after Surface To Air shoes for the longest time I saw these cool shoes in Urban Outfitters last year for £20, and snatched them up quicker than you can say "they're a size too big". The weather has only been sandal-suitable the past week so they got their first outing, and consequently ripped the back of my legs to shreds. I am upset. And in pain. Be careful what you wish for.
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Saturday, 28 July 2012


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So I spent my Friday night watching all three and a half hours of the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Some of it was spectacular, some of it not so. It wasn't a complete waste of my time, though - some of the countries were seriously fashspirational, mixing colours and prints, with beautiful embroidery and embellishment, whilst staying loyal to their country's national dress.

Shame about Team GB's NEXT-designed baco-foil applique tracksuits; let's hope their athletic performance is a little more impressive, eh?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Back in late January (that's an entire fashion season ago, WOW) I got the chance to visit the wonderful Miista team in East London. I was ridiculously excited that their spring/summer stock samples were littering the office, about to drop in-stores, whereas Laura and the team were already busy masterminding their autumn/winter collection.

How you get from a seemingly chaotic, yet incredibly well thought out moodboard to a collection of designer shoes is beyond me, but maybe that's why the Miista team design the shoes and I just drool over them. 

I'm pleased to present to you the ELECTRIC WITCHES lookbook. The shoes (and styling!) are somewhere between my 11-year-old self's separate obsessions with the 1970s and Clueless, and my velvet-clad traditional gothic phase, aged 15. Basically everything my dreams were, and still are made of. 

My top choice from Electric Witches is the silver May - that big, bouncy rubber soul looks so comfy, and there is something totally irreverent about the Chelsea-style boot perched on top - followed closely by Luela and Ida. If my choices don't boil your cauldron then check out the rest of the lookbook: every season there is unfailingly a Miista to bewitch us all.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012



Those of you who have known me pre-Dotty days will be aware of the trials and tribulations I experienced working as a retail manager for the British Red Cross for a year. It was both the best and the most stressful time of my life, with the year culminating in a fashion show in aid of Red Cross Week. The fashion show nearly drove me to a breakdown but thankfully the Society attracts a wonderful array of supportive and interesting people (a big shout-out must go to the Pineapple Park lot: I've never met a more passionate and driven team), including Christina, the assistant manager of the Liverpool store.

Not only has Christina received a mention in the Guardian, she's also managed to turn the fortunes of the Renshaw Street shop - or should that be boutique? - to the more profitable sort since starting work there 18 months ago. Energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge of her demographic were all key factors, though her dedication stretches to organising out-of-hours events, like last Thursday's fundraising fashion show held in Concert Square's Walkabout. 

I was honoured to be asked to model in the show, along with fellow fashion blogger Gemma Satire, displaying some of the shop's fantastic donated goods. Think charity shops are all dowdy, worn-out garments? Take a look at these photos and think again. All outfits were styled by Christina; I'm particularly keen on the floral mismatched suit and the floaty white lace dress. Oh, and did I mention that this shop gets donations from a well-known high-street chain? I can't possibly say wH&M, sadly. Why? Just COS, you cheeky Monkis!

(And yes, I do have a peace symbol drawn on my face. Not my usual make-up preference but it was all for charity, darling!)

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Saturday, 21 July 2012


Topshop hat
Wildfox t shirt
Forever 21 skirt, shoes & bag

I wouldn't normally wear so much of one brand in one outfit but my trip to Forever 21 last Saturday really demanded this. Despite my collection of sample, designer, and on-trend shoes, never before have I received so much attention over a pair in one day: I was chased down the street in Liverpool yesterday by someone wanting to know where they're from (Forever 21, if you're curious, with the wonderfully floaty skirt being another F21 special). Finished off with a Wildfox tee and ancient Topshop hat this was the ideal Californian style outfit for not-so-ideal Manchester weather.
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I know that since moving to Manchester from Cheshire, the country's capital of antiques markets, car boots, and vintage fairs, I have really missed these chances to rummage, so I was really pleased to hear that Real Radio are holding a car boot on Sunday 5th August at Salford City Stadium. Seller pitches are £10 each, with all proceeds going to When You Wish Upon A Star - granting wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. I know bloggers like Sara Waiste and Jazzabelle always get beautiful second-hand pieces so I'm really hoping to do well at this city car boot. Let me know if you're planning to visit and we will strategise!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


For as long as I've lived in Manchester rumours of a Forever 21 opening have flown around fashion circles. It's going to be in the old Schuh on Market Street! No, in the Arndale! Forever 21 are very fussy about their stores - the size, particularly - so when two units totalling 20,000 square feet became available in the Trafford Centre they snapped them up.

The wait is nearly over with the store opening this Saturday at 10am (the 21st, natch) and although I predict scenes akin to a One Direction meet and greet, it'll be worth it as the first 300 customers through the door will get a gift card. 

I got the chance to visit the Oxford Street store to get a feel for the brand before the grand Trafford Centre opening. I was expecting a stark Primark-esque space with clothes in piles on the floor and women changing in the aisles - but actually it is much calmer, with excellent retail standards - meaning it's easier to find your size - and cute vintage-inspired installations. It's easier to shop in-store as everything is merchandised into packages; I find the website totally overwhelming, with 900 dresses to scroll through and no indication of style, shape, or pattern. Yes, it's busy - it is Oxford Street after all - but the store is so big that you never feel claustrophobic. 

Forever 21 will never fill my wardrobe simply because I like unique pieces too much for that, but their clothes complement my vintage/DIY/hippy market wardrobe perfectly; I have some lovely pieces to show off from my visit, including an expensive-looking maxi skirt and some very Marant-ish wedge sandals. It's a pleasant shopping experience and although I don't have the guts or patience to go this Saturday, I will be visiting again!

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Monday, 9 July 2012


Somehow my parents pre-empted my recent tie dye obsession and brought me back this dress from their trip to Malta, along with a sweet little straw and walnut bag. Just a heads' up from the 'rents: don't visit Malta from June-August, unless you enjoy being cooked alive. To me, that is preferable to this naff weather, but each to their own! I threw caution to the wind today and wore the dress, despite knowing that it could tip down any second.
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Sophy Robson declared in this month's Vogue that "negative space" nails were the next big thing, so I obviously had to get straight on that..

I'm wearing: 
Dress & bag gifts from Malta 
Jon Richard necklace via The Style Rawr 
Acne shoes 
Vintage belt 
Shop Dixi, Topshop & BCBG Max Azria rings 
Kenneth Jay Lane & ibizan market bracelets 
Volkswagen watch

I've had a bit of a stressful time of it lately, involving presenting an idea to the Managing Director of Oasis (thankfully she liked it and I got some fantastic feedback, to the point of me being so overwhelmed I cried with joy) so I am really looking forward to some exciting goings on this weekend. Saturday involves a flying visit to London to take a tour of Oxford Street's Forever 21; I'll be getting a feel for the brand and doing a spot of shopping before their big launch in the Trafford Centre later this month.

On Sunday I have been invited to the Manchester SkyRide. I'll be there snapping photos of stylish cyclists, but I will also be cycling the route myself! Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that recently I have been on a health and exercise kick, so this has really come at the perfect time. You can sign up here, and don't worry if you haven't got a bike - you can hire a bike just for the ride - that's what I'll be doing. My only problem is that I'm struggling to figure out what to wear myself. I'm thinking a tweed jacket and tailored shorts, but as this is a completely new sartorial area for me, anything might happen, although I feel modesty is the key element when considering cycling gear! I wonder what Kelly Brook will be wearing. Think she'll need something a little bit more substantial than this, considering the location of the ride..

I do hope to see some of you there in your very best cycling outfits!