Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Back in late January (that's an entire fashion season ago, WOW) I got the chance to visit the wonderful Miista team in East London. I was ridiculously excited that their spring/summer stock samples were littering the office, about to drop in-stores, whereas Laura and the team were already busy masterminding their autumn/winter collection.

How you get from a seemingly chaotic, yet incredibly well thought out moodboard to a collection of designer shoes is beyond me, but maybe that's why the Miista team design the shoes and I just drool over them. 

I'm pleased to present to you the ELECTRIC WITCHES lookbook. The shoes (and styling!) are somewhere between my 11-year-old self's separate obsessions with the 1970s and Clueless, and my velvet-clad traditional gothic phase, aged 15. Basically everything my dreams were, and still are made of. 

My top choice from Electric Witches is the silver May - that big, bouncy rubber soul looks so comfy, and there is something totally irreverent about the Chelsea-style boot perched on top - followed closely by Luela and Ida. If my choices don't boil your cauldron then check out the rest of the lookbook: every season there is unfailingly a Miista to bewitch us all.

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  1. Its funny how a mood board can inspire a line!

  2. I WANT thoses silver shoes. I really want them... a wardrobe staple, surely? Plus- they look super comfy.


    1. Ahh they look like rubber bouncing soles. You can pre-order the May through Solestruck:

      I would love to but I REALLY don't have the moolah. Lucky for you Miista have London sample sales each season!! You may need to pick up some pairs for me.


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