Saturday, 14 September 2013


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Sooner than you can say "summer is over" I am in my winter guise; that is, the gothy, grungy, witchy version of myself. My Evil Twin, if you like, or rather just how I looked from the ages of fourteen to nineteen. Because that's what was cool then. Watching bands and drinking pints, pretending to be able to play guitar at jam night but realistically struggling to move from D major to D minor.

That has all stuck with me, with added appreciation for layers and proportions, and my witchy winter self adores scouring the web for Evil Twin bits and pieces. That's why I was so glad to find Spoiled Brat; their selection of ET satisfies my rockiest A/W feelings, plus they stock my other bests Minkpink, Wildfox, Waiste and UNIF. A one-stop shop for all of your grungiest winter needs. Plus, I am a complete spoiled brat, stamping my cowboy-boot-clad foot whenever I need to get my way, so could this store be any more perfect for me?

Evil we are, and spoiled we will always be. I can't wait to wear this tank with woolen plaids when the temperature drops.. but for now I am resolutely sticking to bare legs 'til I can bear it no more.

Vintage denim jacket
Levi's flannel stolen from boyf
Oasis pleather skirt (similar)
Topshop socks & Arson boots

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013


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So, did you guys hear that Fashion's Night Out is coming to Manchester this year? I'm so chuffed that not only does fashion exist outside of the capital, but Vogue chose my very own city to host it in this year. I had a pretty fashionable night out in Manchester with lovely ladies Robyn and Stephanie this week, so wht better way to accompany the FNO info than with these images? It was Robyn's first time in Manchester, so we showed her the nighttime delights of the Northern Quarter, including art gallery-cum-bar Common and Matt & Phred's jazz club. We're gonna be in a band, and these will totally be our promo shots.. Just gotta (re)learn to play music; we all confessed to play instruments in school but let it lapse in adulthood. Wah.

There really is so, so much happening on October 10th - so much so I couldn't feature everything - but you can view a map on the Vogue FNO mini-site. The main hub will be around Exchange Square, with Selfridges handing out gift cards to every visitor ranging from £1-£500 (I KNOW) and nail artist extraordinaire Sophy Robson is going to be in the Chanel boutique giving manicures. I still think about her dalmatian nails from Topshop Unique so that might just be my request.

Speaking of Topshop, their creative director Kate Phelan will be around for the evening to give a talk. I adore Kate's work, from Vogue to Topshop, and this is going to be one of the highlights for me; I'd love to know the ins and outs of her current position as it's a job title I dream of having myself one day.

Manchester-born designer Matthew Williamson will be in Flannels for a meet 'n greet, House of Fraser are running the infamous Vogue cover shoot experience, Vogue Eats pop-up food stalls on King Street.. plus loads more, much of which hasn't even been confirmed yet. I'll be your correspondent for the live music and DJs (bands will be playing in LK Bennett and Mulberry. Maybe it'll be mine, Robyn & Steph's band!.. Not), and you can also check out Lily Kitten for information regarding Manchester designers on the evening; This Fashion is Mine for anything student-related; and Tweet for exclusive content in the run-up to the event.

I already feel this is slight information overload, so I'll let you digest this for now and I'll provide more information as and when I get it. One thing you can be sure of is that there will be plenty of free booze.. so see you there, glass in hand!

I'm wearing:
Vintage denim jacket (stolen off dad)
Vintage tartan skirt
Minkpink bag
Hair scrunchie made by Shannon!

Robyn is wearing a Topshop playsuit & Steph is wearing Dr Martens boots

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Thursday, 5 September 2013


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When in Rome, do as the Romans, the old saying goes. Well, in August most Italians leave Rome as it becomes inundated with tourists from all over the globe, as I found myself alone (due to a series of unfortunate events) in the ancient Italian city.

The first meal I ate was a McDonalds in Termini station - shameful, really, in the land of perfect pizzas and gorgeous gelato (and I don't even like McDonalds!!). But I needed somewhere familiar to get my bearings as I didn't even know exactly where my hotel was, so totally unprepared for this trip was I. I was to find almost the entirety of Rome is covered by WiFi.. but only if you have an Italian SIM card. Doh. So I resorted to Plan B in finding my hotel; wandering aimlessly in the wrong direction before finding a map, which eventually pointed me in the correct direction of my hotel.

Much of the trip continued in this same vein: eating some ice cream/pizza, wandering around, looking at things, stumbling upon the Coliseum/Pantheon/Trevi fountain/park full of a thousand cats, marvelling, eating more ice cream/pizza. I also went to some Couchsurfing meetings which is genuinely the greatest decision I could have made. These were full of people in the same boat as I, wanting company to drink, chat, and explore Rome with; I even made friends with some native Romans who were happy to show me around their city, and at night time too, when it's most glorious. Chris arrived for the last three days of my trip and I was overjoyed to show him around as I had been shown around, as if I'd been there all of my life.

My greatest Roman tip is to explore after the sun has gone down, as all of the tourist things are much quieter and lit beautifully. Most bars offer a take-away service and although none of my Roman friends could clarify whether drinking on the streets was legal or not, we walked around with bottles of beer and none of the police batted an eyelid. An evening must also be spent with a picnic (or takeaway pizza) and a bottle of wine on the Spanish steps, as Chris and I did on his first night. Rainy it may have been but we were blissful underneath a poncho and an umbrella.

Dunking your feet in fountains, eating 15 ice creams and pizza for brunch; Rome is all about the simple pleasures. I love it and feel it is my city and I want to live there.

I'm wearing: majority is Minkpink, with some Evil Twin, a vintage dress, & all shoes are Topshop

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