Friday, 31 May 2013


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This year has been so incredibly tough for me and the rest of my family, and I really didn't even know where we'd be at right now, let alone whether I'd be able to go on holiday this year. I'll save the deep-and-meaningful, soul-searching sort of post for now, as things are looking up (firmly grasping wood) and right now Chris and I are sat in the departures lounge of Liverpool airport waiting to fly off for 8 days in the Algarve.

I wish I could say I've taken a capsule wardrobe like last year but we paid for a case this time, so naturally we've stuffed it full plus had to put clothes in hand luggage to prevent us from exceeding the weight limit. I'm even wearing a pair of ridiculous shoes to fly in just so I could have two pairs of heels with me.

Who's betting we don't wear half of it?

Anyway, I've got a load of sitting in the sun, drinking wine and eating fresh fish to do, so I'll see ya'll next week.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


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After what seemed like a million and one exams (but in actuality was only three) my university year has finally finished. Time to lay back and relax, right? Well.. not quite. As well as getting a few more hours at work I've also started a marketing and ecommerce internship with vintage babes Ette, working on their blog and other social media outlets, plus blogger outreach and hopefully organising a few lil' events in the future.

I had a look around for some internships and placements to apply for, but nothing was quite right, and I really dislike just being treated as a minion so working with a huge company was never going to suit me. So, I approached Lucie and Grace myself and was like "I believe in what you do. I want to work with you!" Luckily, they were keen on getting on with their fashion design and production and happy to let me crack on with the marketing stuff. I say work.. but really I just sit around looking at blogs, updating Tumblr, drinking tea, fussing cats and being force-fed brownies. But we've already got an exciting collaboration up our bell-sleeves, so in between gulps of tea I do get a bit of stuff done. Expect to hear much more about this web store - they're expanding from vintage and bought-in goods to much more handmade and customised, plus they're looking into stocking some badass brands.

Basically it's a dream internship. Not at all like the new Wilson/Vaughn movie.. doesn't that look hilarious? Ha ha ha ha ha uhh, not.

I'm wearing:
French Connection top
DIYed Oasis jeans
Topshop Arson boots

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Friday, 24 May 2013


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A psychedelic mixture of vibrant fur, and a trippy description: Do yourself a favor and answer the call. Sink your teeth in and watch the colors shoot out your finger tips transforming everything you see and touch into Magic. There was no way I could resist this rainbow bear when offered to join in a competition with SpiritHoods UK.. as well as gifting me this amazing hood I'm in for the chance of winning a trip to Alton Towers Live 2013, and you guys KNOW how I feel about Olly Murs. I don't know much about the other artists but it would still be an awesome day out and I would go on the rides and eat loads of sweets and run around like crazy and AAAAAAAAAHHHH. I get a plus one too and I pledge to take one of my blogger besties, so you can imagine the super shiny hyper rainbow blog posts that would come from that ;)

So excited to wear this in the winter to keep my head warm, but also on a trip to Madrid this summer: we're travelling mega-cheap and staying in hostels so this will be my best friend, ideal for making journeys comfy and also covering my face to say leave me alone, I'm in rainbow bear land.

Of course, boyfriend had to try on the magical bear. It's totally not his spirit animal (he's more like a rabbit, or maybe a tortoise) but I'm cross that it seems to sit back happily on his head rather than slipping forward like it does on mine. Maybe just because his head's gargantuan..

You can vote for my look at the SpiritHoods UK Facebook page until Friday 7th June. Go go go, vote for me, and cute lil' Magic Bear!!!

I'm wearing:
Neon knit c/o Glamorous
Vintage skirt
Jeffrey Campbell Pointe shoes

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 photo IMG_7992_zpsbde6ea73.jpg
 photo IMG_8017_zps0e4956a0.jpg
 photo IMG_8025_zpsdde0ffc8.jpg

By the way, do you guys know the M83 song Raconte-Moi Une Histoire? The Magic Bear & its description reminded me of this...

The biggest group of friends the world has ever seen, jumping & laughing forever. It would be great, right?

It's very funny to be a frog!

Sunday, 19 May 2013


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Around April time, just when the sun is supposed to be coming out - and usually just as I've booked my holiday - I suddenly catch Swimsuit Fever. Just check my Tumblr for the evidence. I obsessively check all the websites I know looking for The One: the swimsuit that will instantly make me look like Candice Swanepoel and will ensure my fun lasts aaaall summer long.

Nah.. I know that doesn't exist, especially not when I live in England and summer isn't quite so summery anyway, but it still doesn't stop me from being a swimwear lover. There's been a recent crop of new swimwear websites which feed my obsession perfectly, including South Beach Swim, who held an event last week at Spinningfield's Frurt frozen yoghurt store. My pick was the Lauren swimsuit - a pink, fringed one-piece, all of my favourite things rolled into one. The rest of the collection is mega-bright and mega-fun, ideal for standing out by the beach or the pool - plus, the team are expanding into loungewear for next season: think super fluffy dressing gowns and comfy all-in-one pyjamas you're unlikely to want to get out of when morning comes.

Delicious swimwear and fro-yo aside, the brand name is fairly genius: there's something about it that really makes me desperate to go Spring Break in Miami and live it up like V-Hudge (sidenote: have you guys seen that movie? James Franco somehow makes himself incredibly ugly, and the Britney-on-piano scene makes me extremely uncomfortable and full of joy at the same time). My mum and I once had a five-hour stopover in Miami but did nothing more than sit around the airport, not leaving the front doors for fear of immediately getting lost... plus the air con was infinitely more comfortable than the August humidity. I'd like to go again though, and at least see some of the sights Miami has to offer, South Beach and Will Smith dancing on a rooftop included.

Anyway.. talk about a tangent. Kinda looks like I was just hanging around on my own on these pictures, but I'm not quite that antisocial (yet). You can see South Beach Katie above (who is also blogger extraordinaire The Quick Red Fox) plus there were a million and one other Manchester bloggers present. We seem to be growing exponentially as a species, which can only be a good thing for the future of Manchester fashion.

And who knew I suited a snap back hat? Little bit too reminiscent of the days of wearing a sideways-cum-backwards flex fit to look cool like Tom Delonge (I'm sure I could find a photo of that hanging around somewhere) so it's been donated to my boyfriend to stop his bonny bonce getting burnt on holiday. Still, it's good to have headwear options other than the usual beanie or fedora!

I'm wearing:
Wildfox tee
Vintage skirt
Jeffrey Campbell Lonestar shoes

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 photo IMG_8033_zpscfcce52e.jpg
 photo sbs2_zps08d51af1.jpg
 photo IMG_8036_zps20ce9c6d.jpg
 photo IMG_8080_zps30ad9f0f.jpg
 photo IMG_8086_zps08b8db49.jpg

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


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Exam season is well and truly upon us. If you can't hear the sound of students tearing their hair out then you can definitely tell from the quiet of the blogosphere.. everyone's got their heads down revising, or rather trying to learn an entire year's worth of work in one week. Me.. well, I actually quite like exams; the pressure makes me work harder and ultimately gets me a better mark than most of my coursework. I am still feeling the effects though, I've been wearing the same Sugar High jumper and ripped jeans for the past week, sweating my way through Financial Management, International Business and Fashion Marketing revision.

Part of my Product Development final mark is a presentation, which I did with my partner Zabrina to a room of tutors and industry professionals last week. Weirdly enough I enjoy doing presentations too, and doing this one about our own fantasy store was the best yet. We put together everything for our shop Beyond from the target market, business plan and marketing objectives, to the in-store layout and window display. Our USP was that we were a plus-size store, but aimed at women aged 18-25, with seriously fashion forward stuff. Think Nasty Gal for size 14 and up. It was so much fun and we really loved our brand, so much so that we almost wanted to launch it. Almost. Not sure I am quite ready for the plunge into business yet.

Business dress was the requirement for the presentation so that got me out of my jumper and jeans, but I couldn't resist putting a twist on it and looking on-brand for the shop. This is my favourite outfit ever so don't be surprised if you see me outfit-repeat in the future. It's actually a Christmas dress and I think it originally cost about £150 ish full price, so I couldn't resist when I saw it in the sale for fifty squid. Of course I'll wear it at Crimbo but I don't think it' too festive to wear the rest of the year as well. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself!

I'm wearing:
Emma Cook at Topshop dress
Jeffrey Campbell Pointe shoes

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013


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Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

I've been locked in my living room busily working on my CAD portfolio (with a window, luckily) but I did manage to get two hours outside on the grass yesterday. It really was dream weather, best we've had yet, and I would so love summer to carry on like this. Doesn't need to get any hotter, I'm perfectly happy in this, wearing a t-shirt and bare legs.

My CAD portfolio was handed in this morning which means I am now only three exams and one presentation away from finishing my second year of university. Crazy how time goes so fast but also seems to drag, especially when you're doing boring assignments.. I don't care about the "it's not the work that's boring, it's you" thing teachers used to say, some things really are dull, like a garment comparison I handed in last week. The whole thing struggled to hold my attention and in the end I just got fed up and didn't do the greatest job. You'd think I would be old enough to work hard on things with enough time to spare but nope, I still find it hard concentrating on things which don't interest me, even for the sake of my degree!

I've been thinking of my position as a mature student a lot recently, and I'm not sure it's something I'd recommend to everybody. It's difficult coming away from a full time wage, that's a given, but it's also tough working to support yourself as well as doing assignments, looking after a home, and keeping a relationship together: plus the older you are the more likely you are to have to care for your elders, too. If the now me could talk to the me at the time of applying I'd probably advise against it, but as it stood getting a degree was the only way forward for me. Now I'd say network, intern, then network and intern some more.. which, again, is not easy with a full time job.

So I guess what I'm saying is that getting into the fashion industry is not easy whichever way you go at it, especially if you're above an age where it's acceptable for your parents to fund you through your education. You've just got to believe it will all be worth it in the end.

I'm wearing:
Vintage skirt
Ralph Lauren denim jacket via charity shop
Adidas backpack from when I was a kid

Mr Freeze ice pop from the local shop :)

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 photo IMG_7800_zps3ca17d3b.jpg
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 photo IMG_7893_zpsc6ce75cd.jpg
 photo IMG_7805_zps6ee81ae7.jpg
 photo IMG_7897_zpse52665f6.jpg
 photo IMG_7861_zps799bf352.jpg
 photo IMG_7885_zpsbfef438f.jpg

Friday, 3 May 2013


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I've seen the Yeah Yeah Yeahs quite a few times before but always at festivals, the last time being Leeds 2008, which is when the band last played in England I believe. They're an amazing outdoor band: the slower songs carry beautifully across open spaces and the faster songs make for the ideal dance party en masse in the mud (Date With The Night is perfect for this). A fond memory of mine is hearing Skeletons at the Leeds main stage with my buddies Todd and Chris and a lukewarm pint of Tuborg. OK, maybe the last bit of the memory isn't so fond, but what I'm saying is that Wednesday's YYYs gig at the Apollo had a lot to live up to.

Initially there appeared to be some sort of sound issue and I'm not sure they could hear themselves properly, but when they were about four songs in they seemed to iron out the kinks and hit their stride. Lucky for me as it was one of my favourite songs, Zero. Karen O was her usual bonkers self, and her yellow shorts suit, tie-dye knee sock and bandy leg look had a ring of Angus Young about it. She really is a bit of a hero of mine: she acts just how she wants, wears what she wants, and gets to be who she wants to be every day. I mean I would love to prance around wearing a tinsel cape and not give two fucks what anyone else thinks because I am a ROCKSTAR.

Maybe I was just being grumpy and old but I found the crowd around us really irritating.. one group stood with their back to the show and somehow had a screeching conversation over the music. The encore was Maps and some guy stood behind me decided to bellow tunelessly into my ear "WAIT THEY DON'T LOVE YOU LIKE I LOVE YOU" meaning I couldn't hear KO's singing at all. Or maybe it was just because I was completely sober (Apollo, u r so annoying to get to without driving) because with a few drinks inside me I'd inevitably be the one tunelessly bellowing to my heart's content.

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