Friday, 3 May 2013


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I've seen the Yeah Yeah Yeahs quite a few times before but always at festivals, the last time being Leeds 2008, which is when the band last played in England I believe. They're an amazing outdoor band: the slower songs carry beautifully across open spaces and the faster songs make for the ideal dance party en masse in the mud (Date With The Night is perfect for this). A fond memory of mine is hearing Skeletons at the Leeds main stage with my buddies Todd and Chris and a lukewarm pint of Tuborg. OK, maybe the last bit of the memory isn't so fond, but what I'm saying is that Wednesday's YYYs gig at the Apollo had a lot to live up to.

Initially there appeared to be some sort of sound issue and I'm not sure they could hear themselves properly, but when they were about four songs in they seemed to iron out the kinks and hit their stride. Lucky for me as it was one of my favourite songs, Zero. Karen O was her usual bonkers self, and her yellow shorts suit, tie-dye knee sock and bandy leg look had a ring of Angus Young about it. She really is a bit of a hero of mine: she acts just how she wants, wears what she wants, and gets to be who she wants to be every day. I mean I would love to prance around wearing a tinsel cape and not give two fucks what anyone else thinks because I am a ROCKSTAR.

Maybe I was just being grumpy and old but I found the crowd around us really irritating.. one group stood with their back to the show and somehow had a screeching conversation over the music. The encore was Maps and some guy stood behind me decided to bellow tunelessly into my ear "WAIT THEY DON'T LOVE YOU LIKE I LOVE YOU" meaning I couldn't hear KO's singing at all. Or maybe it was just because I was completely sober (Apollo, u r so annoying to get to without driving) because with a few drinks inside me I'd inevitably be the one tunelessly bellowing to my heart's content.

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  1. Our friend Erica loves this band too though hands up, I'm not massively familiar with their music, BUT I think KO looks like Pizzazz from The Misfits in one of the centre pics and that's always a good time!

    J xx

  2. I love Karen O too, she's crazy in the best possible way! I'd love to be as brave and bold as she is. That's a shame about some of the people ruining it, there's always a few of them at gigs though! xxx

  3. i love Karen O
    i saw them some years ago and it was a beautiful great live permance!

  4. Her outfits are perfection. I know what you mean, sober gigs = not as much fun (crowd dependant of course, or if you're REALLY REALLY into the band obvs) Is that bad? x

  5. Ooooh my God you're so lucky to see them I've wanted to for years but they never come anywhere near where I live!!x

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  6. love your blog

  7. is it too late to be Karen O when I grow up? is that already taken?

    amen fashion †

  8. I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the academy a few years back; so awesome. I hate ALL crowds now. That's just age. LOLz. xx

  9. omg i am so jealous! cool photos! xx


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