Tuesday, 7 May 2013


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Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

I've been locked in my living room busily working on my CAD portfolio (with a window, luckily) but I did manage to get two hours outside on the grass yesterday. It really was dream weather, best we've had yet, and I would so love summer to carry on like this. Doesn't need to get any hotter, I'm perfectly happy in this, wearing a t-shirt and bare legs.

My CAD portfolio was handed in this morning which means I am now only three exams and one presentation away from finishing my second year of university. Crazy how time goes so fast but also seems to drag, especially when you're doing boring assignments.. I don't care about the "it's not the work that's boring, it's you" thing teachers used to say, some things really are dull, like a garment comparison I handed in last week. The whole thing struggled to hold my attention and in the end I just got fed up and didn't do the greatest job. You'd think I would be old enough to work hard on things with enough time to spare but nope, I still find it hard concentrating on things which don't interest me, even for the sake of my degree!

I've been thinking of my position as a mature student a lot recently, and I'm not sure it's something I'd recommend to everybody. It's difficult coming away from a full time wage, that's a given, but it's also tough working to support yourself as well as doing assignments, looking after a home, and keeping a relationship together: plus the older you are the more likely you are to have to care for your elders, too. If the now me could talk to the me at the time of applying I'd probably advise against it, but as it stood getting a degree was the only way forward for me. Now I'd say network, intern, then network and intern some more.. which, again, is not easy with a full time job.

So I guess what I'm saying is that getting into the fashion industry is not easy whichever way you go at it, especially if you're above an age where it's acceptable for your parents to fund you through your education. You've just got to believe it will all be worth it in the end.

I'm wearing:
Vintage skirt
Ralph Lauren denim jacket via charity shop
Adidas backpack from when I was a kid

Mr Freeze ice pop from the local shop :)

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  1. I REALLY wanted to study something fashiony but then they put the fees up again and I just couldn't/can't justify it. It absolutely sucks because I know I'd work much harder now and my friends are all buying houses and have careers and I'm kind of wandering! I guess I chose to travel and I would never take that back but still...We should've been born rich!

    I wanted a similar skirt to this when I was 16 but it was by Dieseland cost £70 or some ridiculous for a teenager haha. I hope I can find something like it nowadays because it looks aweeesome with your WF tee! My favourite freeze pop flavour too...NOM. <3


  2. The sunglasses and the jelly shoes are my favourite parts of the outfit - you look beautiful :)

    Dusterknuckles | Fashion // Beauty // Lifestyle

  3. You've got the jellies I want dammit!

  4. I love the fact that you're wearing a childhood backpack! I'd love to go back to uni and do something fashiony but it's not really possible, I hope all your hard work gets you where you wanna be! I'm sure it will do, the industry needs fun people like you in it xxx

  5. Love this outfit, glad you get to enjoy some sun. So happy your getting all your work done, I use to hate when everyone was out and I was stuck in writing essays and stuck in the hot, sweaty computer room. I want that top BTW xx

  6. WOW such a funny pictures in the park !!
    Greetings from Tenerife :)

    XX Luba

    Fabulous ARMANI bag is waiting for you on :

  7. love the crop top
    you look amazing

  8. Ughhh, love! Love the shoes.

  9. Beautiful photos and outfit! X

  10. THIS OUTFIT! yes yes yes! I wish the sun would just stay out! I like how you matched your jujus to your mr freeze. Well you know you can come and work with WAISTE when you're done, I think you would be a real asset to the team. No seriously please come work with me :) xxx PS: well done for getting so far with uni, I quit after a year and a half xx

  11. such a babe! love the colour of those jellies and that top is the cutest <3 xx

  12. I love your t-shirt and that
    skirt is amazing. ;)


  13. Hi Sarah!
    I just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for one of my Liebster Blog Awards as I always enjoy reading your blog posts! http://englishrosefrommanchester.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/2550/
    It's quite a nice one to carry on!
    Jen xx


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