Friday, 29 March 2013


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Call me quackers, but I can't think of a better way to spend Good Friday than watching a load of rubber ducks race along the River Irwell. Spinningfields took to hosting the event like a duck to water, and it was so busy I couldn't see the race well, but I took that like water off a duck's back.

Hohoho, I do like to begin a blog post with a handful of puns, maybe I should write headlines for The Sun or something. But anyway, today was Manchester's annual duck race and I went along for a punt and a pint. I think the ducks had a pretty heavy night as some were disqualified for turning upside down, and one poor guy had to be rescued by a canoeist. They really ducked that up, huh? (Sorry. Last one)

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The sun did actually come out for a little while today but my gosh was it cold. I'm sorry to go on about the weather but it is not only getting me down in the dumps, it has totally messed up my style mojo. I know what I want to wear though I have to make it work with my leopard coat - which in previous years I've only worn on the very coldest of winter days, but I've literally worn it for five months straight this time. I'm sick of the sight of it but there is no way I am buying a new winter coat this late in the game! I'd be much happier if it was even warm enough to wear a faux fur jacket, at least they show a bit of your outfit and I could change things up a little. But despite the sun I was still freezing in my thick coat.

I tried to cheer myself up by giving my wardrobe a spring audit, which did give me some new ideas and also reminded me of this dress which I picked up for a whole £2 at the Clothes Show. I liked its daisy embroidery and kinderwhore vibe, though I think it could really benefit from a sawn-off raw hem to add to its riot grrl disposition. That, and bare legs, pastel ankle socks, flatforms, and no jacket... that'll be spring, then.

I'm wearing:
Vintage dress
H&M coat (similar)
Topshop boots (similar)
Forever 21 bag

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A not-at-all awkward photo of me with a giant duck and a weirdo lurking in the background. Standard.


  1. Firstly I think I'd probably wee and then die if I saw a rubber ducky that huge hahaha!! Love it! And secondly loving the outfit and your hair looks amazing xx

  2. Gosh dude your hair is UH-MAZING, come do mine? That dress is such a bargain, I can't wait until I can permanently ditch my tights for S/S. I want to race rubber duckies!


  3. The one day I decided to leave Manchester and I miss this!! Hope you had a fab day.


    Under The Cherry Rainbow

    Shop: Jelly Button
    Shop: Cherry Rainbow

  4. I love the collar detail on your gorgeous dress x

  5. Haha this is so random! But like a nightmare from my childhood because I used to be terrified of rubber ducks when I was little. I think it was that ride Bubbleworks in Chessington that did it. xxx

  6. I just love those boots so hard. SO! HARD!


  7. Black tights and this weather are ruining my life. Well my outfits at least. I love this dress-it looks like it could be MinkPink! x

  8. your hair
    your dress
    your boots
    L O V E

  9. I love the photos of you with the giant duck!


  10. Just found your blog and love it :)
    This is brilliant haha!

    Rosie x

  11. really??? a rubber duck race? I am not gonna miss this next year! you look gorgeous like always

  12. i love your hair here, it's amazing!!

    Katie x

  13. I love your Leocoat! And your blog is very cool!
    I follow you!


  14. Bloody hell!

    I live in Manchester and I do not have a clue about all these events! How could I not know about the rubber duck race? That's WELL up my street!



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