Wednesday, 20 March 2013


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Uh oh, double trouble. Had a bit of fun whilst taking these photos because this is the lift in my apartment building and obviously it has to be used. Managed to dodge quite a few people but ended up going to the ground floor with a lady then went straight back up without it being obvious what we were up to: "oh! I've forgotten that.. thing. We must to go back up for it". Not sure how believable that was but I guess the neighbours would find out eventually that they are living next to a *whispers* fashion blogger.

Anyway, I thought the light would be just right to show you my pink hair. Or rather, lack thereof. This is the second time I've used the new L'Oreal Feria Pastel toners and the second time I've been disappointed. Fair enough, last time my hair was a dark-to-mid blonde and it was unsurprising the colour didn't take well, since this product is made for bleached hair. This time I applied it all over my head, left it on for an hour, then found just the very ends had turned a peachy colour. I'd perhaps recommend this as a conditioner for those with pink hair already to keep colour fresh but I don't see how it could possibly turn the soft candy pink it shows on the box.

I don't have much luck with L'Oreal hair colour products (that, or they're crap) but it's so hard to not use them as they seem to own everything. Anyone who has ever seen my Tumblr knows I dream of having a flowing, pastel mane, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to achieve it then please let me know. Next try will be hair chalk!

I'm wearing:
H&M sample dungarees
(similar, or check out pink suede..!)
Jeffrey Campbell Suebee shoes
Topshop socks

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  1. Well worth the effort, great pics and I'm lovin' your socks...x

  2. It's such shame the colour didn't take well. It still looks lovely though. Can't wait to see it the day you find the right product that will give you that pastel pink mane! I love the dungarees and the socks are so fun!!

    Fikki x

  3. You are so rrrrrraaaaaahdonkulously cool! Love your style and there photos xxxxxx

  4. Next time I see you I will donate a pastel pink hair colour that someone gave me that won't take to my orange ends! But in case you get bored of waiting it's a 'smart beauty' one and costs £2.99 I'm sure ebay will have some!

  5. omg your hair looks so beautiful !!

  6. I'm developing an obsession with your style... just letting you know! haha your hair still looks lovely and the pictures were well worth a few stares! love those dungaas xx

  7. Dude these pics are uh-mazing! I want to come play photoshoots with you. Jade & I were thinking about introducing our long lost twins on our blogs, an elevator may be just the place to do that! ;) WILDFOX TEE LOVE.


  8. I love the pink tips! You look insane hot with platinum hair by the way, jealous! Thanks for the pixie crop love on my blog :)

    We need to team up for outfit posts, it's a crime we don't see each other more.

    Love Tweet xx

  9. Luckily I never had any problems with L'oreal products. Your pink hair endings look lovely!

  10. You look so great! Great blog, I'm now following on Bloglovin and GFC!

  11. I love how your hair's gone kind of dip dye! It'd look amazing pastel all over, hope you can find the dye to do it. xxx

  12. People would pay loads of money for this kind of ombre effect! I love it, it looks edible!

    Sophie x

  13. I have that top! WILDFOX SNAP! Ok so you either need CRAZY COLOUR or DIRECTIONS. As a girl who used to dye her hair the whole colours of the rainbow last year (and I have from good authority from people in the studio) these are what you need!

    They are both semi permanant- crazy colour doesn't last as long as directions which last WEEKS (as I found with my turquoise) so basically you get either one in a bright pink and mix it with conditioner to get pastel. I have a crazy colour one I don't need you can try and I can get you a directions one from the hair shop down the road if you want? xxx

  14. LOL! that first paragraphhh haha. I have just sort of gotten over ppl thinking im a big weirdo... when taking pics hahahha!!

    as far as hair dye goes! leave it in for WAY longer than they suggest - i use manic panic and it says to leave it in no longer than 30 min i think but i leave it in for 4-5 hours. If you use manic panic or other brands but want a pale color (manic panic is RLY vibrant) use conditioner with the dye - mix them together to dull down the tone of the color!! :D

    Your outfit is da bomb. u r good at getting dressed


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