Wednesday, 24 April 2013


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It's not like Manchester really needs a reason to drink on a sunny Saturday afternoon, but Record Store Day was the perfect excuse to get out of the house and hit town. I picked up the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album from the absolutely packed Piccadilly Records, plus Grimes's Visions - a total bargain at £7. In my teenage years I was addicted to buying CDs, beginning with singles I liked the covers of in Asda, to spending hours flicking through obscure albums in indie record shops. I stopped buying CDs as their price increased and my disposable income decreased but really £7 is just the cost of a cocktail in the Northern Quarter, with much more longevity to the enjoyment from the music. It's a habit I'll return to; one a month maybe, carefully considered, not because of their pretty covers.

The rest of my afternoon was spent in a sunny spot outside Common Bar, listening to live bands and DJs through the walls, hanging with my boyfriend, our buddy Alun and blogging pals Pastime Bliss. My jellies made their debut appearance and I was the ideal temperature in fewer layers than usual: finally the weather is getting almost bearable. This jacket, skirt and jellies are set to be my summer uniform so you are sure to see much more of those.

I caught a couple of minutes of Bernard + Edith and really loved their sound.. I'm so rubbish at describing music but to me they sounded like if Grimes was made of sunshine and rainbows. Which of course is good! I'm hoping to catch these guys around the city sometime soon. There was also a fluffy dog in boots there.. you can imagine just how exciting that was.

I'm wearing:
Wildfox tee & sunglasses
Chelsea Girl maxi skirt (in black)

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  1. I always wanted to get into CD collecting but as broke as I'm always is... I don't see it happening.

  2. I am now convinced we'd be buddies in real life because I too made the most of RSD. I went to Soho and saw Frank Turner live and did some Saturday afternoon street drinking and partying and it was amazing. I love collecting records and need to do it more often! You look awesome! x

  3. Amazing outfit! Looks like a great day!

    Emma x

  4. you're the cutest!!
    love the photos and your baaaag

  5. Oh man, I want Juju jellies so bad it hurts! These are sooo cute, I just can't pick the colour... I also love hanging out with other blogging babes, sounds like you guys had muchas fun!


  6. looove your hair!


  7. such a gorgeous outfit! i'm in love with your hair! x

  8. Awwwww, the doggy! <3 What an absolute cutie! x

  9. Omg that dog is so cuteeeee! Loving your vibrant outfit, this scene looks awesome xx

  10. Completely cooing over that doggy! Looks like you had a fab time, glad someone is still buying CDs because I was beginning to feel like the only one! xxx

  11. I've got an awesome giveaway on my blog that you might like !!!

  12. I love your outfit, but I am distracted by the dog wearing shoes! ADORABLE.

  13. Love your denim jacket! x

  14. looks like you had a terrific time! you looked awesome, that jacket is such a dream!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  15. Totally love this outfit, and not just because of the jacket haha. You're totally babin.

    I cant wait to get my jellies out of storage and onto my feet! x


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