Thursday, 18 April 2013


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You could say my parents' garden is somewhat.. rustic. They may use harsher words, but it's the place of many happy memories for me, growing up, playing games, mainly those involving owning and riding imaginary horses. My psychedelic clothes plus the garden setting reminded me of the Beatles' song Octopus's Garden from the Abbey Road album... I'm not under the sea though I would sure like to be resting my head on the sea bed.

Feeling pretty blah as my dad's been in hospital this week, so I wore my brightest mix of colours to cheer myself, and hopefully the other patients on my visits, up. I love wearing my rainbow Waiste jacket and this has fast become my favourite vintage dress (now with new hacked hem), plus I'm wearing my new Buffalo Spice Girl shoes my mental parentals won off eBay. You can get 'shop soiled' (read: a tiny rub on the sole) Buffalo shoes for a decent price on there - even worn pairs can go for silly prices as they're rare now. I say this about every new pair of shoes I get but they are BEST EVER. Comfy and clumpy and faintly ridiculous: my favourite formula for footwear.

My dad's had many pints of blood over the past month so I'd just like to finish by saying a big THANK YOU to anyone who has ever given blood. As well as for patients with long term health issues it's also essential for disasters where many people are injured - such as the earthquake in Pakistan this week, and what has happened in Boston and Texas - so I urge you to consider donating a bit of your red stuff.

I'm wearing:
Vintage dress
Buffalo Wannabe trainers

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  1. I have a tonne of love for this! x

  2. Gaaaah those buffalo shoes are a dream, I've always wanted those since I was like 12 but still searching :(

    I really hope your dad feels better soon too!

  3. Another dreamy outfit <3 Love seeing girls have fun with fashion ! x

  4. love these fun colors. I've been looking for some chunky 90's sneaker every.

  5. you look amazing!!

  6. I still love that jacket, it's so bright and nom-tastic. My parents could never afford to buy me buffalos as a kid so I'm really jealous of these haha! I don't think I ever saw white ones though!? Maybe that's because at school we had to wear black shoes and most girls had them... I remember one time two girls in my class got in a fight and one took off her buffalos and threw them at the other girl's head - haha! ;) No fighting in these, okay? Thanks.


  7. I your waistcoat - you look rad haha:) I hope your father recovers soon xx

  8. I love your jacket, it's so you! Hope your Dad's ok and can get home soon if he's not already. I wish I could donate blood but I can't because I'm always on antibiotics! Such an amazing thing to do xxx

  9. I hope your dad is ok now! I'm definately donating when I get back to london. WAISTE looking amazing on you! HOLY HELL THOSE BUFFALOS. I am so jealous, not only are they platform, they are ALL WHITE! Dyingggg. Your parents are SO COOL. Also, I;ve just realised a dress i bought from MP SS looks pretty much the same as this one! xx

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  11. I remember buying a pair of those platform white sneakers when I was like 12 years old, my mum wouldn't let me buy them because they were too high.. so I tricked my grandma into letting me get them. Oh how I wish I had a pair now. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

    Doctor of Fashion


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