Sunday, 28 April 2013


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Today I went to a barbeque wearing this outfit, bare legs and all. Yes I'm well aware of today's grim weather but I just can't take winter dressing anymore, I'm militantly dressing like it's spring. Which it is! Other than that I don't have a great deal of waffle about this outfit, I love everything yada yada, so here's something which has been playing on my mind recently:

Tomorrow marks two weeks since I stopped eating junk food. And, man, do I ever love junk food. Margarita pizza dripping with salty mozzarella is my favourite and I could sit and eat chocolate forever. Whilst it is hurting my soul, this change in diet is of course good for my body, skin, health, life expectancy.. but sadly the catalyst was that I've now booked my summer holiday. I'm a big believer that you should work with what you've got, and your clothes should fit you, not vice versa - so why do I feel the need to get healthy (and whenever a girl is saying get healthy she usually means lose weight) now I am close to exposing my near-naked body on a beach, in front of people I don't even know?

I'm so torn on this issue. Half of my brain tells me I am amazingly lucky to have a body that is strong, functions properly and does all the things I want it to do, but the other half is insisting that I really need to lose a couple (say.. seven. Or ten) pounds before hitting the beach.

And then I remember there are starving kids in Africa and girls being raped in India, and that teenagers in North Korea are so oppressed that they're not even allowed to wear jeans, and realise how absurd and banal this all is and wonder why I even waste brain power thinking about it.

AND THEN I REMEMBER I HAVE A FASHION BLOG and take photos of myself posing in various outfits. Urgh life, you so weird. Can we all just have a good standard of living and fair treatment please and be happy with what we've got.

I'm wearing:
Vintage shirt
H&M coat
Office trainers

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 photo IMG_7719_zps3c6eaa2c.jpg
 photo IMG_7765_zps0640a12d.jpg
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  1. I NEED to get myself that necklace before the summer is over. You look so sweet in these dunagrees and I love your gif!

    It's been 7 days since I stopped eating the food I love haha. I'm also thinking about my bikini body! I think I need to work out, I really don't exercise enough and that's my main issue. I know it's a third world problem but eating better/exercising is good for our health and is still important.


    1. You are right! It is important for our health. But I'd be lying if I said that was why I am currently eating healthy, and that really bugs me :/ I'd love to just be someone who ate well and exercised simply for the love of it.

      Just get the necklace!!! It'll be [one of] the best £20 you'll spend :)

  2. had THE BEST dominos pizza last night, it was so damn cheesy it was amazing. I say pizza is something we should just all eat and not care about the consequences, as long as it's not every day (boy i wish it was ) then it is fiiiiiiine :) xxxx

    1. Maaaan pizza is the BEST, and I agree we should eat it and not care, but every so often. Sometimes I'll eat like 4 in a week though, I'm just one extreme or the other :(

  3. love the shirt and the coat the most <3 But all the components work well as an outfit together , love it xx

  4. I like your thinking out a loud on this post! I say fuck it. Eat junk food EAT MORE JUNK FOODS. I joined the gym recently just to get fitter. Not to lose weight but to be more toned I guess? Reaching my late 20s it's all gonna go downhill soon so I want it to all stay firm as long as possible!

  5. your hair is awesome! :)

  6. I know what you mean, I'm in constant battle in my head with, I wanna be thinner bla bla bla then I'm like I'm fucking 19 show me the pizza and alcohol then I remember how shit I feel when I look 8 months gone after then I remember that I'm lucky to even have food, urgh what a nightmare!

  7. Your overalls are so cool, love this outfit!

  8. you're so amazing!!

  9. Do you ever look anything but cool? Absolutely love the dungarees xxxx

  10. i know exactly what you mean, i'm always trying out diets and then i start considering the amount of food i throw out because its junk and will go off by the time i finish my diet.
    life is confusing.. but on the plus side you look very rad in these dungarees.

  11. Love your outfit, the 90s trend suits you, it looks horrendous on me haha!
    On to the diet issue, I think diets are horrible, plus you don't need to diet. I just eat whatever I want and exercise instead.

  12. I know what you mean, it's all the media's fault haha! Even though I have to put on weight and feel good when I do I still feel a little sinking feeling when I can't wear my favourite jeans any ridiculous and shallow! I think you always look fab anyway xxx

  13. Bare legs are brave, love it! Your waiste dungarees look amazing. I've slightly dipped my toes into spring/summer by wearing flats! That's as much as I will go for now. plus Manchester has confusing minute its sunny then its raining.

    Lola xx

  14. Oi you don't need to loose weight, you always look amazing! although i don't know how you can bare your legs I still have the heating on - southern softy me :) X

  15. It's a tough one! I have absolutely no willpower, eat like 5 chocolate bars one day, then hardly eat anything the next day to 'balance' it out, which is obviously really stupid. I guess it's just important for us to be fit and healthy as possible and be happy in ourselves. It's ok to want to look the best you want to, especially when you're going on holiday (I'm so jealous btw take meeeeee) x

    PS: Dungarees still look awesome on you x

  16. ah overalls, they always make for such fun outfits! i love how you paired it with a patterned top- and how yo refuse to wear winter clothes anymore haha! and i usually flip between your same problem- but alas, we're all shallow at one point and want to look and feel good too! there's nothing wrong with wanting to improve, as long as it's to a healthy point :)

    xo Marlen
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  17. i see that sly slip of the finger!

    amen fashion

  18. LOVE your dungarees x


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