Tuesday, 28 May 2013


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After what seemed like a million and one exams (but in actuality was only three) my university year has finally finished. Time to lay back and relax, right? Well.. not quite. As well as getting a few more hours at work I've also started a marketing and ecommerce internship with vintage babes Ette, working on their blog and other social media outlets, plus blogger outreach and hopefully organising a few lil' events in the future.

I had a look around for some internships and placements to apply for, but nothing was quite right, and I really dislike just being treated as a minion so working with a huge company was never going to suit me. So, I approached Lucie and Grace myself and was like "I believe in what you do. I want to work with you!" Luckily, they were keen on getting on with their fashion design and production and happy to let me crack on with the marketing stuff. I say work.. but really I just sit around looking at blogs, updating Tumblr, drinking tea, fussing cats and being force-fed brownies. But we've already got an exciting collaboration up our bell-sleeves, so in between gulps of tea I do get a bit of stuff done. Expect to hear much more about this web store - they're expanding from vintage and bought-in goods to much more handmade and customised, plus they're looking into stocking some badass brands.

Basically it's a dream internship. Not at all like the new Wilson/Vaughn movie.. doesn't that look hilarious? Ha ha ha ha ha uhh, not.

I'm wearing:
French Connection top
DIYed Oasis jeans
Topshop Arson boots

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  1. Sounds like an AMAZING internship! Totally jealous! Love your style cutie xxx

  2. Sounds so amazing, yay you! x

  3. It's Bagheera's modelling blog debut, so cute! He says mieow :) xx

  4. Sounds like such a sweeeeeet internship! Make me wish I could intern for them. Hahaha

    Lovely photos dear. I need to invest in one of those kimonos.


  5. Uh-mazing!! That kimono is super fly too.


  6. Yay, well done you! Glad you're enjoying it xxx

  7. that kimono I die!
    and your internship sounds perf x

  8. sounds like such an amazing internship! love your kimono x


  9. sounds amazing! good luck girliessss

  10. Your kitty is adorable! I know EXACTLY what you mean by big companies using interns as minions and I'm super happy that you are happy with your more personal internship! The kimono is gorge! Ah I love your blog.


  11. lush intership!have fun girl! x


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