Friday, 24 May 2013


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A psychedelic mixture of vibrant fur, and a trippy description: Do yourself a favor and answer the call. Sink your teeth in and watch the colors shoot out your finger tips transforming everything you see and touch into Magic. There was no way I could resist this rainbow bear when offered to join in a competition with SpiritHoods UK.. as well as gifting me this amazing hood I'm in for the chance of winning a trip to Alton Towers Live 2013, and you guys KNOW how I feel about Olly Murs. I don't know much about the other artists but it would still be an awesome day out and I would go on the rides and eat loads of sweets and run around like crazy and AAAAAAAAAHHHH. I get a plus one too and I pledge to take one of my blogger besties, so you can imagine the super shiny hyper rainbow blog posts that would come from that ;)

So excited to wear this in the winter to keep my head warm, but also on a trip to Madrid this summer: we're travelling mega-cheap and staying in hostels so this will be my best friend, ideal for making journeys comfy and also covering my face to say leave me alone, I'm in rainbow bear land.

Of course, boyfriend had to try on the magical bear. It's totally not his spirit animal (he's more like a rabbit, or maybe a tortoise) but I'm cross that it seems to sit back happily on his head rather than slipping forward like it does on mine. Maybe just because his head's gargantuan..

You can vote for my look at the SpiritHoods UK Facebook page until Friday 7th June. Go go go, vote for me, and cute lil' Magic Bear!!!

I'm wearing:
Neon knit c/o Glamorous
Vintage skirt
Jeffrey Campbell Pointe shoes

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 photo IMG_8025_zpsdde0ffc8.jpg

By the way, do you guys know the M83 song Raconte-Moi Une Histoire? The Magic Bear & its description reminded me of this...

The biggest group of friends the world has ever seen, jumping & laughing forever. It would be great, right?

It's very funny to be a frog!


  1. Girrrrl you are TOO cute! Loooove the shoesies!

  2. you're adorable

  3. Great look! I love the skirt.

    Rubi x

  4. Your style is so amazing! I love that neon jumper, I've wanted one like that for a while!! x

  5. amazing look! love the magic bear

  6. OMG I want oneeee! I love this, and you wanna take MEEEE YAYYYY ILY <3 Heading to facebook RIGHT NOW! <3

  7. crazy pink! needed sunglasses for this post.
    those sock and jumper are snazzy.

  8. BEST POST TITLE EVERRRR. I love that hood, it's crazy. Your trip to Madrid sounds like it's gonna be amazing xxx

  9. You look fab! I love the cute little socks and shoes combo. Don't you worry you definitely rock the spirit hood best ;-)

  10. Ahhh love this- it's so you!!! Good luck with the compy. Katie xxx

  11. Love the second photo of you! Chris doesn't look so happy though...

    Love Tweet xx

  12. The second picture is adorrrable!! You're too cute. I say we organise an Alton Towers outting regardless of the comp!


  13. lovely look guys. gaga's shoes lol



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