Monday, 9 July 2012


Somehow my parents pre-empted my recent tie dye obsession and brought me back this dress from their trip to Malta, along with a sweet little straw and walnut bag. Just a heads' up from the 'rents: don't visit Malta from June-August, unless you enjoy being cooked alive. To me, that is preferable to this naff weather, but each to their own! I threw caution to the wind today and wore the dress, despite knowing that it could tip down any second.
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Sophy Robson declared in this month's Vogue that "negative space" nails were the next big thing, so I obviously had to get straight on that..

I'm wearing: 
Dress & bag gifts from Malta 
Jon Richard necklace via The Style Rawr 
Acne shoes 
Vintage belt 
Shop Dixi, Topshop & BCBG Max Azria rings 
Kenneth Jay Lane & ibizan market bracelets 
Volkswagen watch

I've had a bit of a stressful time of it lately, involving presenting an idea to the Managing Director of Oasis (thankfully she liked it and I got some fantastic feedback, to the point of me being so overwhelmed I cried with joy) so I am really looking forward to some exciting goings on this weekend. Saturday involves a flying visit to London to take a tour of Oxford Street's Forever 21; I'll be getting a feel for the brand and doing a spot of shopping before their big launch in the Trafford Centre later this month.

On Sunday I have been invited to the Manchester SkyRide. I'll be there snapping photos of stylish cyclists, but I will also be cycling the route myself! Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that recently I have been on a health and exercise kick, so this has really come at the perfect time. You can sign up here, and don't worry if you haven't got a bike - you can hire a bike just for the ride - that's what I'll be doing. My only problem is that I'm struggling to figure out what to wear myself. I'm thinking a tweed jacket and tailored shorts, but as this is a completely new sartorial area for me, anything might happen, although I feel modesty is the key element when considering cycling gear! I wonder what Kelly Brook will be wearing. Think she'll need something a little bit more substantial than this, considering the location of the ride..

I do hope to see some of you there in your very best cycling outfits!


  1. I bought a bike today!! Maybe I should join in!

    1. Yes DO!! Then we could also get cycling fashion faux pas snaps, ohohohohoho

  2. PS also loving the pictures in the post! Verrrrrry nice.

    1. Fanks! Boyfriend thinks he's Mario bloody Testino now.

  3. I used to cycle down the Oxford rd in full skirts and heels! Lol. Anything goes. Great dress- thanks mere and Pere!
    My friend Ven is the VM for Oxford st F21!

    1. I would LOVE to see that at the SkyRide. Like, Hanneli cycling is what my dreams are made of:

      Or Catherine Baba!

      Fingers crossed I will get to chat to the VMs on Saturday so it's nice to know a name, thanks :)

  4. Hi
    I absolutely love your dreessss
    great post

  5. Ooh the dress and bag are lovely! Thumbs up for the rents x

  6. Love the dress, you can't beat great little holiday finds. I bought a new bike a couple of weeks ago and will certainly be taking for a spin at the Sky Ride on Sunday so I'll be sure to look out for you :)

  7. It's a really beautiful dress x

  8. lovely dress!!
    and work at F21, do say hi ^_^

    J x

  9. You look gorgeous, that's such a lovely dress. Well done for impressing Oasis and I hope you have a great time at the Skyride! Although I hate bikes myself, fell off one when I was 5 and never got over it :'( xxx

  10. That dress is sooooo nice!


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