Wednesday, 2 October 2013


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Oh, man - so I started my third and final year of my degree two weeks ago and already am I thoroughly immersed in corporate strategy models and branding textbooks, plus I have a cold.. hence the unexpected blogging hiatus. Even my mum has been concerned with my lack of blogging, so here you go, mum. This one is for you!

A few weeks ago (okay.. in August, eek) I visited the headquarters of fashion brand Very. It's situated in an the awe-inspiring space of an old aircraft hanger just outside of Liverpool. I was invited down along with Chyaz, Sarah & Amy for a fashion photography workshop, where we learned about the ins and outs of Very's photography studio - that should be studios, really, as there's a separate building for the model shots with three studios, plus the still life studio a little down the road. The studio we worked in was abuzz with stylists, models, and photographers, and we got the chance to try our hand at each of the job roles that day.

Beginning with creating "bibles" for the looks (that's styling up the pieces on the models then photographing them so you don't forget for after hair & make-up) to final edits, we went through the whole process as if we were photographing for the catalogue. The fabulous Chyaz (dying over that girl's beautiful hair) took my photos, and I must admit I'm rather pleased with them.. want one blown up for Christmas, mum? The other girls were beaut, too; you can tell we've had practise in front of the camera from blogging!

There's a behind-the-scenes video, and it's worth checking out the Very Definitions ad if you haven't seen it yet - it's produced by the same guys who make the Daft Punk videos, plus I love the song which is Fineshrine by Purity Ring.

I'm wearing:
Very Love Label & Definitions
Eyelash knitted jumper
Grey maxi dress
Blouson sequin dress
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  1. You look a-mazing lovely! Good luck with the final year of uni too, feels like so long ago! xx

  2. sounds like a funny experience!
    love all the looks!

  3. You look stunning, it seems like a well fun day x

  4. Bloody hell, look at you. Scrubbing up well lately, you so hawwwttttt.

  5. These are fricking gorgeous! Dying of envy I bet their cameras and technology were just amazing. Made me crave studio lights badly.

  6. wow how gorgeous your Look!!!
    Proper model !!!
    Love your glittery skirt

  7. model or WHAT?
    giving leg and all sorts x

  8. Excuse me Ms Cheekbones! Looking fab and it sounds like a super fun day x

  9. you look beautiful in these photos!


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