Tuesday, 3 December 2013


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Meadham Kirchhoff and Grayson Perry go hand-in-hand, don't you think? The bright colours, child-like connotations and the disregard for conformation. Fitting, then, my Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop scores had their first wear to the Grayson Perry exhibition at the Manchester Gallery - an exhibition of the tapestries made while creating the TV programme about Britain's classes. No photos allowed sadly, but needless to say they are spectacular so well worth a visit.

The speed at which the pricier Meadham Kirchhoff pieces flew out prove something I've been thinking for a while now - that the British high street is so dull and homogeneous, shoppers are really looking for something unusual. The two pieces I picked were among the more wearable of the bunch, and whilst I still love them (mainly because of the MK label attached) I was really disappointed with the quality. The dress is totally see-through and static, and the tights came in a matte white box. I at least feel there should have been some snazzy MK packaging - shiny candy floss or slime would have been my ideas!

Right now I definitely have bigger fish to fry than how I look, but I feel like my hair, face, and body look so crappy right now (funnily enough, I'm really into my style. Swings and roundabouts and all that). Upon complaining about how bad I look in these photos, though, Chris reminded me of my dislike of blogs whose photos are almost editorial, without a glimmer of any imperfection in their lives. So I've decided to keep blogging through this and know that things will improve. Because, as Chris said, I "just look like someone who has had a rough couple of weeks". And he'd be quite right.

I'm wearing:
Charity shop turtleneck
Topshop boots

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  1. I was going to buy this dress but by the time I got round to it it had sold out. First world problems, I guess. Anyway, you look amazing in it! I love the way you layered it over a black top; I've been doing that with dresses a lot recently for added warmth, but I really like the way it looks too. Ooh, and I also saw the Grayson Perry exhibition a few weeks ago. The tapestries were stunning with so much to take from them- I loved everything about it! xx

  2. Oh I love this dress <3 hope you're ok my lovely xo

  3. I love the dress. My favourite from the collection is probably the crochet patch dress, but I cannot justify spending £290 on a dress, no matter how pretty it is. TBH, if my nan was still alive she probably could have knitted me a similar dress.
    I also love your cardi, the fluffier the better.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  4. Well you still look bloody fab I think! That's a shame the MK items weren't all that in terms of quality, I find that to be the case with a lot of Topshop collabs unfortunately, no matter how amazing they look. I think someone somewhere should gift you some REAL Meadham Kirchoff, you're totally their kinda girl! xxx

  5. you look fabulouso baby g! I've been debating these tights like every day I think I might have to get them. Totally agree with the boring high street and dislike for editorial looking blog photos too. Lots of love <3 <3 xxxx

  6. Oh it's such a shame that the dress isn't good quality, it looks so sweet! Definitely something I would wear a lot. Despite how you feel, you look lovely! Hope you're doing okay darling xxxx

  7. I LOVE that you wore Meadham Kirchhoff to a Grayson Perry exhibition! So annoying that you weren't allowed to take photos! I saw the tapestries in London and they're amazing! I love Grayson Perry an insane amount!


  8. I love all your recent posts! You have so many cute pieces, and I am in love with this blue fur. So sorry to hear about the loss in your family. Stay strong.

  9. oh my, this dress is so perfect! I'm in love with the range, everything is just so darn perfect. I love how you styled it with the fuzzy cardi, it looks so fab!


  10. aaaargh you look so on point! I've been lusting hard after this dress (how perf is MK x Topshop omg) and you've styled it so well here <3 baaabe


  11. So annoying about the quality, I've thought that about a lot of the recent collaborations Topshop have done though. I remember when they first started doing them & the quality was spot on for the prices, I still love all the Todd Lynn x Topshop pieces I got years ago. You look great here, though I know what you mean, so many times I've not posted photos because I felt like I looked terrible in them, but you are so right! It's hard to relate to other bloggers when their lives look so over the top perfect.

  12. i love your style! that jacket is wonderful

  13. Raaaah that big fluffy cardigan is lush! x


  14. i love love love everything you are wearing here! the dress is something i'd wear in a heartbeat!

    lindsey louise


  15. This is the one dress I wanted from the collection! Great minds and all that. ;) Shame about the quality, I wanted to wear it in the summer but it would probably look like lingerie without laters ha! It is pretty though. <3

    Tara xo


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