Sunday, 8 December 2013


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When blogging there is a pressure (real/perceived? Probably the latter) to constantly showing off new clothes, and I often don't bother shooting looks I love because it's been featured here before. However, for the first time in a little while I felt really good in this outfit, and the dress is styled totally differently to the previous time it was shown - plus in reality I don't wear new things or even brand new outfits every day - so this time I shrugged the pressure off. This dress is the perfect chuck on 'n go, dress up or down, eat as much as you like kind of thing so gets worn a lot, particularly to occasions like last night: my mum's birthday meal.

The only new thing I have here is my Ciara Clark cuff, whose work first caught my eye when my friend Kerry styled her lookbook. Ciara works with the most fantastically coloured holographic perspex - it looks pink here due to the flash catching it but in daylight it's more of an iridescent lilac.

Oh yeah, and after six weeks, two bleachings, one hair colour remover and infinite shampooings, my hair is back to platinum. For now. Just looks like a blank canvas to me now..

I'm wearing:
Ted Baker dress
Miista boots
Minkpink bag

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  1. Boots!!!!! <3 And yeah i think you need colour back in your hair i loved it when it was all blue/green! xxx

  2. You're such a babe. You just have the best collection of accessories. I badly want a clutch in that iridescent perspex
    Chambray & Curls

    1. I'm sure I have seen holographic box clutches at H&M?! Or this is quite cool:

  3. You're a darling little space angel!!! Also, I totally get what you mean by the perceived notion that you constantly need to have a rotation of 'new' items to wear, but how is that even realistic?! Not many people can afford to have a new items constantly flowing into their wardrobes.. And, honestly, I prefer to see bloggers wear the same piece or pieces over and over again because it truly shows their creativity! <3 <3

  4. That cuff is incredible! It's such a statement piece!

    Although I loved your mermaid hair, platinum suits you like a dream. I'm always recycling old pieces into newer outfit posts. I can hardly afford to feed myself let alone buy a new outfit every week, so I think showing old pieces in different ways is much more realistic and shows so much more creative potential.

  5. ahh you look lovely sarah! love the metallic look. we're going to have to go for a photo session down by the canal - images in the look below are so fab too x

  6. i'm in love with the shoes

  7. That cuff is aweeeesome! It's like a miniature rainbow for your arm. Pretty neat bag too, waaaaant. <3

    Tara xo

  8. Those boots are fantastic!!

  9. I actually much prefer to see fashion bloggers wearing the same clothes in different ways - it's more interesting for me. Because most people have limited wardrobe space and I love seeing what people come up with using their finite collection of clothes.
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  10. YES! Someone that also loves holographic fashion! Why is the fashion industry lacking in that department? All I've spotted are shoes and clutches. Thank GOD someone has finally decided to incorporate it into their jewellery line.




  11. I really really love ur shoes! x


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