Sunday, 1 December 2013


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There are many sorts of friends, all of them perfect in their own sort of way: the party friend who gets you drunk, the problem-solving friend who tells you to dump him, the shopping friend who isn't afraid to say when your bum looks big. The best sorts of friends though are the ones that you don't necessarily see all that often, thanks to distance or busy work schedules, but are still there when it counts. Those who travelled from far and wide to be with me at my dad's funeral; Helena, despite losing a loved one herself, always manages to send me a few kind texts  day; and Sara, who sent me a surprise dress of my dreams.

I was actually festering in bed at around midday Friday when this dress arrived (and I am not a festering in bed sort of person) but its arrival made me jump up and want to do something with my day to warrant the wearing of this dress. I got out of the flat and spent the day in Manchester, culminating in a lovely Wagamama's tea and a few pints at the pub with friends.

I'm wearing:
Oasis mongolian gilet

(Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the comments, tweets and texts regarding my last post. Everyone I know has been so kind and it has been most overwhelming.)

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  1. Those Docs are delicious. I swear I will forever envy your shoe collection. That dress is so perfect for you, you look babing. The little touches can make such a big difference. I was in Manc when my dad died and home was 5 hour drive away.I got a train home straight away and left everything. It was at the end of summer and a friend drove me all the way back to Manc, packed up my whole room into her car and drove me home again so my family didnt have to.Hope you're doing ok, its all a horrid, bizarre process xxx

  2. This outfit makes me smile, it's so you and I'm glad it helped you get up and go out! Sidenote: I still need a gilet so I can be triplets with you and Sara.

    Tara xo

  3. you're lovely!
    great outfit

  4. Perfect, it was definitely meant to be yours! <3 glad I could help with dream dress xx


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