Monday, 15 July 2013


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Um.. hello? Is this thing on? I have to check, you see, as last week the light on my laptop screen broke and I couldn't tell whether I was on Pinterest or porn. Actually I don't go on either of those sites but they're alliterative so it works.

I've been working hard with helping to launch Thriftette's rebrand this week (check out Ette!) and coming home to sit on a computer has been pretty unappealing anyway, especially in this weather. But it was a most welcome relief when I got a new laptop (THANKS DAD & MUM you da best), I really didn't know how much my work life depended on it. Honestly though you should've seen it, the screen had been hanging off by a thread and it's a miracle it lasted so long. Tragic was not the word.

Here are some pictures from a time when I left the house on a sunny day with Chris and we both inadvertently wore paisley shorts. I'd suggest we did it more but the fly broke on my shorts (classy) so perhaps not. We sat in the Manchester International Festival garden drinking cider and it was more like Madrid than Manchester; incidentally a bunch of my friends are in the former city right now, and I keep getting Snapchats saying "jealous???" but when the weather is like this there's nowhere I'd rather be than the latter city.

I'm wearing:
Urban Outfitters tee
Minkpink shorts & bag
Wildfox sunglasses
Topshop hat & sandals

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  1. Love the shorts and your hat too! xx

  2. I love how you both wore paisley shorts haha! :)
    Love the sunnies and hat too!

  3. cute photos, i love them!

  4. Ugh you are such a perfect boho grungy babe. Everything I wish I could carry off in one outfit right there! Mmmm manchester in the sun is wonderful, enjoy it!

  5. Ooooh, I really like your tee! Sooo cute. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow when I'm on the beach with a cocktail. ;)

    Tara xo

  6. Your legs look as though they go on for look amazing!

    Also loving the use of alliteration, it made me chuckle! X

  7. those shorts are to DIE FOR! and the photo with the duck had me totally tripping out because the lake/water looks like a starry night sky!


  8. you look awesome and this seems like such a rad day!! xx

  9. I absolutely adore anything in paisley print - I'm definitely going to have to buy some shorts like Chris' for my boyfriend so we can pair up our paisley prints!

  10. this looks like so much fun! BABY DUCKIES!!! xx

  11. Loving the hat and sunnies here! Looks like you're having a good Summer :-) x

  12. You little cuties! ah I love the sun so much, we've had the best weather, although it's making me not want to do anything other than sunbathe and eat icecream! Hope your shorts are ok now after the malfunction-did you manage to fix them! xx


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