Wednesday, 17 July 2013


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Minkpink are by far one of my favourite brands, and every season I find myself lusting after (and ultimately buying) far more than is healthy for my bank balance. Sara Waiste and I have said to each other that Minkpink's stuff is what you dream of finding when you're out charity shopping - cheesecloth, clashing prints, smock dresses, crochet, and cute vintage detailing.

While their product seems to be moving away from that, and becoming younger - catering to the brightly coloured and printed blogger "twosie" trend - I still absolutely loved the colour, vibrancy and dynamism in this campaign (mind you, I'm pretty into the crystal/dolphin t shirt you can just see in one of the shots). I would love to visit Venice Beach; it's just so typically Californian, with rollerbladers in lycra, the meatheads on Muscle Beach, and snake charmers after your dimes. Plus the amazing Chloe Norgaard is the star, along with her real-life best buddy Daveigh. Chloe is best known for her rainbow hair, though I've been following her travels on Instagram for a little while now and she seems like a downright cool dude who I'd love to hang out with. She loves doing everything from going to music festivals to meditating on tropical beaches.. along with working as a model, that's the dream life right there.

The whole shoot is basically a treat for the eyes. Take a look at the full lookbook on the (newly made over!) Minkpink website.

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  1. gahhh mink pink and chloe norgaard and the california dream all rolled up into one sweet thang here, love it! although im not so keen on their new direction either x

  2. This shoot turned out amazing, love all the colors and the vide of them x

  3. Such pretty clothes! I love all the prints so much <3

  4. Such fun bright happy photos

  5. HAHA! Just read your comment as I'm commenting as your commenting.... anyway! I love Chloe Norgaard for Minkpink and I love the colours and craziness of the shoot..but I'm not sure I like any of the clothes... (OMG WHAT HAVE I JUST SAID I FEEL LIKE IT'S BLASPHEMY) Maybe when I see them out of context of this shoot?! xx


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