Monday, 8 July 2013


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Getting (semi) lost in the vastness of Delamere Forest is one of my favourite things to do, but on Saturday night I descended into the trees to watch the almighty Blondie play ForestLive.

The atmosphere was so chilled with people lay around on rugs and sat on deckchairs, eating picnics and drinking cider (I decided the most sensible idea would be to drive, an idea I regretted pretty quickly).. the crowd were older but I loved looking around an imagining what they had been up to thirty years previous as new Blondie fans: the man in the bucket hat, dancing in the Hacienda; the mum embarrassing her son with her whoops and cheers, illicitly bleaching her hair as a teenager to be more like her idol. When I'm fifty I doubt my past will be half as interesting as most of the boring old farts you meet nowadays.

The band were super cool and I was stunned to see how amazing Debbie Harry still is. She might not be pogoing around the stage but her voice remains, and they played all of the old favourites plus some tracks from recent albums, most of which I enjoyed as much as the hits. Overall the gigs in the forest are something I'd wholeheartedly recommend and hope to do again next year!

It was also so good to be outside at night and be able to wear not very much.. it's finally, FINALLY summer. Hooray. So glad I picked up this Minkpink top from the ASOS sale, and I just needed a crochet cardigan to keep the chill off when the sun went down. See totally awkward outfit pictures in front of loads of people.. haha.

I'm wearing:

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 photo P1070179_zps33a7fd55.jpg
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  1. WAH, I love this outfit! How awesome is that top and it's still in stock...Argh, must avoid. Live music is da bomb. <3

    Tara xo

  2. I need those shorts in my life! x

  3. Ooh those boots are incredible! I love Blondie so much, she's my absolute idol (and the reason for my bleach blonde!), I'm so jealous you got to see her :) x

  4. You look like summer gig perfection. Frick I would love to see Blondie! I will get to see Fleetwood Mac in september though, Stevie Nicks comes a close second in the awesome women list for me :)

  5. I ADORE Blondie, Debbie Harry is just so amazing. Glad you had a fab time and I love your top! xxx

  6. Very cool. Those boots rock.

  7. Bloody love Blondie, she's so old.

  8. Very jealous that you got to see Blondie! Your pictures look great - I love your shorts as well :D

  9. So jealous of the warm weather! LOVE your boots, thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I look forward to checking your blog out regularly from now x

  10. damn, i want to be debbie harry when i grow up!! very jealous!
    your candy striper shorts are pretty sweet too x

  11. I'm so so jealous of this- I really wanted to see Blondie in the forest but couldn't go to any of the available dates!! Such a great idea for a concert. I'll have to be on it next year, if there's anyone as awesome as Blondie playing.
    Jen x

  12. totally babing outfit! And Blondie is still a mega babe, this sounded like so much fun! x


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