Wednesday, 24 October 2012



I really didn't know what to expect from the Bat for Lashes gig at Manchester Cathedral last night. What would the sound be like? Would Natasha's music be too sleepy for a gig environment? And would I even be able to get a pint inside a religious building..?

Thankfully I needn't have worried. The sound inside the Cathedral was amazing (Chris said it was the best sound at a gig he's ever heard) and despite the new record - The Haunted Man - being totally stripped back, when played live Natasha's backing band added beats 'n' bass to really get the crowd going. Besides, this gig wasn't simply about promoting the new record. I'd say it was two thirds old favourites, with of course Daniel being played as the encore track.

And, most importantly, there was a pop-up bar inside.

Most gigs nowadays don't let you take in a "professional" camera, so despite my protestations that I am really not a professional at all I had to leave my camera with the cloakroom. Hence, these photos from Chris's phone are not the best, but hopefully you can see how awesome the Cathedral looks with the coloured lights scrolling through, and also Natasha's super cute bob haircut - such a great decision which I'm sure will become her trademark. Despite having a cold and barely being able to speak, her singing voice sounded spectacular, and she hoped that we were all okay.

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"It's our second night here and we love it. We want to do the entire tour here. They can come to us!"

I had a bit of an I-don't-know-what-to-wear crisis ("to a gig?!" said Chris, who then asked me what he should wear. He went for his tie-dye t-shirt upon my instruction to "wear what makes you happy") as the outfit I'd planned in my head didn't work out. Don't you hate it when that happens?! I ended up wearing a dress I had altered from one of my nana's when I was about 19.. meaning nowadays I can only wear it when I am having a skinny day and haven't eaten three square meals. It was the first outing of my new Topshop boots I got at the sale in-store - but appear to be full price on the website. Did somebody make a whoopsie? And finally my beloved Evil Twin kimono to top it all off, which clearly sent me a little bit bats...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I'm wearing:
Dad's trilby w/ Chris's grandma's hatpin
Vintage dress
Evil Twin kimono
Topshop boots
Forever 21 bag
Mood necklace c/o Jon Richard Jewel

You want a flake in that?

PS. Here's something that may excite the Christmas-crazy amongst you. When we were walking home we found the Christmas lights going up along Deansgate. Merry Christmas! In October!



  1. Oh those boots are divine. Lucky sale find! And I love that the cathedral allowed that, Must have been an amazing gig. Fun venues always make a huge difference.

  2. Ha the picture after you stop spinning, so cute! Love those booots!!!!!

  3. Lovely lovely
    love your night outfit of the day pics :)

  4. Love the boots! Really want them in blue

  5. yay evil twin kimono twins! haha I love mine, and love your dress with it, PERFECT! And OMG those boots! AMAZING! xx

  6. oh my goodness this outfit is incredible. i am in love with your dress, the detailing on the top is beautiful! and those boots. are they velvet? i want them. ahh i love this

  7. Didn't know they had gigs in the Cathedral. Sounds like such an unique place to have a gig. I really love your boots.

    Lola xx


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