Monday, 15 October 2012


Oh, it is most definitely autumn now. And what better foil for the dreary days and dark evenings than wearing your favourite pieces.. all at once? Start with a pair of trousers that don't really fit you anymore but you just love their print too much to give up. Mix a fringed jacket specially sourced for you by Bottle Green Vintage, and a dash of Wildfox. Throw in a little leopard print for good measure. Chill for fifteen minutes (or however long it takes you to get to uni in the morning) and your warming autumnal recipe is ready to serve. Or sit in lectures all day. Whatever.
Yeah.. this post isn't hugely coherent but this is what I wore today, after waking up late this morning and just wearing things. Sometimes it works, usually it doesn't; I guess I just got lucky today.
I'm wearing:
Bottle Green Vintage suede jacket
Cameo Rose leopard blazer
Wildfox tee
Topshop trousers
Love Label boots
Matalan bag
Betty Jackson.Black necklace

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  1. Gorgeous !!
    love your outfit i really want this topsop trousers

  2. I've just stumbled across your blog and I love it, new follower :)
    Love the fringed jacket and bag!

  3. In love with this outfit, your so cool day the trouser tee combo is perfect x

  4. Love your outfit, it's so cool :)

  5. That jacket is amaaazing! You look so blummin' lovely :) x

  6. Love this outfit, you look ten feet tall in those pants, I didnt get to wear my fringed jacket this year, its got short sleeves so its not happening for at least another year :(

  7. Amazing outfit! This is super cool. I wish I was as stylish as you! x


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