Sunday, 28 October 2012


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We are the weirdos, mister.

Along with 90% of the 18-30 population, last night I donned my spookiest attire and went out to celebrate everyone's favourite holiday, Halloween. There were plenty of halloqueens and trampires with costumes that delighted and disgusted the senses; medical outfits seemed to be popular this year, ranging from doctors (wearing Crocs, which is scary enough in itself) to nearly-naked patients dragging round a drip. There were some pretty impressive costumes too - check out the excellent appropriation of Maleficent, carefully applied Day of the Dead make-up, and lovingly DIYed Ghostbusters proton pack.

I wasn't dressed as Britney Spears, nor was I Cruella DeVille. I was Nancy from The Craft, but actually I just use Halloween as an excuse to dress how I would really like to dress all year if it were socially acceptable. Chris decided merely hours before we went out that he'd like to be Teen Wolf so I hastily made a t-shirt with an iron on logo and stuck some fake hair on him with latex glue. NB: follow the instruction to shave the area beforehand, otherwise it is very painful to remove!

So now that's over and done with, I think it's high time we started celebrating Christmas. In fact I am sat here dunking a Lindt reindeer in a cup of tea as I type...

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Don't call Jordan the Hulk... He gets angry when you call him that.
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I'm wearing:
Charity shop shirt
Oasis skirt
Topshop jacket (via Sheree)
Miista boots
Ancient "I hate school" badge


  1. I bloody ruddy heart 'The Craft'. I'd obvs be typecast as 'the black one'- but she was pretty cool. Your ensemble needs to be outed on non-scary holidays... it's genuinely a good look!
    Whoever is dressed as Malificent looks frickin aamazing!!
    Glad the pimp-coat is getting out.


  2. I absolutely love the 'the craft', great interpretation!

    Lola xx

  3. AHHH I love these photos! Halloween is my favourite time of the year!
    I freaking love Cruella's makeup!

    XOXO Sade

  4. Amazing! Loved the Craft & adore Teen Wolf! I wish I'd of made an effort this year and dressed up! dammit! xx

  5. Some seriously skilled contouring going on on Cruella's face there.

  6. some really great costume ideas!

    new follower!

  7. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! Now I mostly focus on my kids costumes, but once upon a time I had fun with my own.

  8. You look so good! Love these pictures, so many cool outfits.. I need to get cracking and sort out what I'm wearing! X

  9. ahhhh! I love The Craft. Was so hoping you were following with that line after the title haha :)

    xo, - Latest: Last-minute Halloween make-up tutorial!

  10. I have no words, I just adore you so much!

  11. So jealous. It looks like you had a great night :)


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