Monday, 10 June 2013


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According to A Recent Survey*, it takes an average of two days and seventeen hours before you completely relax on holiday; but I distinctly remember the feeling around twenty-two hours into mine when I was lay on the beach with my chin in the sand, somewhere in that grey area between awake and asleep, and I felt relaxed. Completely and utterly. Holidays as a young adult were great: getting away from your parents and going crazy on the free shots provided by the neon bars who just want your nubile faces in the hope it'll attract further punters. But holidaying as a proper adult is different, and I felt it acutely this time. It was about reaching the point where my mind was full of nothing, except figuring out six degrees of random film stars, what to eat for lunch (at 4pm) and whether I would randomly bump into Paul Rudd around the Algarve. See, where did that thought even come from? From my brain being in an almost meditative state. My mind, when unoccupied, goes to Paul Rudd. Of course. What else?

Now I'm back, full of ideas and enthusiasm to do things other than sit in front of a computer. I want to eat fresh food, read interesting things, have friends over for dinner, sit outside, go for coffee. The trick is to keep tight hold of the enthusiasm even as the holiday tan - or in my case, freckles - starts to fade.

By the way.. funny how you take so much to wear on holiday and only end up wearing the same things, isn't it? It always happens. This time it was these funny little moccasin boots I got from a charity shop which I'd never even worn before, but turned out to be the ideal beach-to-bar (apologies for the Grazia-ism, but it's true) shoe.

Also, we managed to adopt a cat for the duration of our stay. He was adorable but also sat outside our apartment door at 5am screaming to come in. It could only happen to us.

I'm wearing:
a myriad of Wildfox, Evil Twin and Minkpink, plus some vintage,
charity shop, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, French Connection & Patrizia Pepe.

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* I don't like not referencing this Recent Survey, but I got the information from Zest magazine who didn't cite the source either. So we'll just have to believe.


  1. wow amazing post !!!
    Love your funky outfits !

  2. grezzo looks so relaxed. what breed is your adopted cat

  3. it looks like you had an amazing time, i know what you mean about the relaxed thing, i love that feeling! all your outfits are amazing as well - hells yeah to fringing x

  4. That looks like so much fun! adopting cats and having epiphanies, seems fun:) x

  5. the fringing - yesss!
    'the Grazia-ism' haha!

    *sighs* now I wanna go on holiday.


  6. Glad you had a fab time, relaxing like that definitely sounds like my kind of thing! Your holiday outfits are amazing, I think I just literally live in the same pair of denim shorts whenever I go away. Hope your enthusiasm stays and that you get up to some fun things! xxx

  7. Check you out in your WF cossie - SO cute! Love all the fringing and layering, NOM. I also love that that title of this blog post is the only word I know in portuguese, don't ask me how I survived Brazil. Bahahaha. My holiday is in just over a month, I want to be there stat. Sounds like you had so much fun!


  8. Very envious of your relaxing holiday! I can't wait for my next break, it's definitely going to consist of lots of lying on the beach and sinking into meditative states (not sure my mind will default to Paul Rudd though :P). I adore your moccasins as well - I have a pair just like them and genuinely can't get enough of them.

  9. glad you had a lovely time! you look amazing and your hairrrr <3 how cute is that cat, I would have done the exact same! xx

  10. ALL OF THESE OUTFITS. You have the best holiday wardrobe ever. So glad you had a lovely time! And you both look tan! Trying to persuade Dan to pay for us to come to Madrid RIGHT NOW. xxx

    PS: Love the new blog layout! x

  11. not one bad outfit! love the Wildfox swimsuit! glad you had a good time!

  12. you look awesome! I love the paisley shorts, your legs are so rocking. Looks like an amaaazing trip!! xx

  13. I seriously need to go on holiday now! I know what you mean about 'grown up' holidays. I think I tend to prefer them! Occasionally I feel the urge to order a fish bowl but I hate the idea of loosing a days holiday to a hangover. Looks like you had an amazing time plus you've given me some good ideas for new holiday clothes hehe. xx

  14. How amazing do you look! So jealous, looks like you had a super time! xx

  15. I went on holiday at the exact same place a few years ago! recognized it from your pictures. Looks lovely! <3

    Fashioncontainer Facebook page

  16. Lovely pictures! I love your bag and all those outfit, gorgeous things! esp those wildfox top! <3

  17. Amazing! Looks like you had fun... slightly jealous though! ;) xx


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