Tuesday, 8 November 2011

And our winner is...

Thank you to all who entered the AX Paris competition, here and on Facebook! I would have had an extremely tough time choosing a winner had I been judging on your reasons - there were some lovely ones, from weight loss to engagement parties.

I have used RANDOM.ORG (which is a true random number generator.. as opposed to, y'know, a false one..?!) to generate a random number linked to one of your names, and our winner of an AX Paris dress is...


Congratulations, you've won the dress of your choice - the polka dot mesh sleeve dress. I'm super jealous, as this would've been my choice, too! I'll be emailing you for your size & address details to pass onto AX Paris.

I really wish you could have all won - I may have a little word with AX to see if we can sort out a little discount code for you. Stay tuned also for a behind-the-scenes special and more with the brand... 

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