Sunday, 11 December 2011

Happy Birthday to Mother Dotty!

Another weekend at home, another trip to an antiques emporium. Does anyone else have these in their home town? I seem to have a plethora around me. This time it was Blakemere Craft Centre for my mum's birthday; we don't have the most imaginative of day trips, but we like what we like. On Saturday night we had a meal out in picturesque Knutsford town where Chris and I turned up to meet my parents to find my mum and I were both wearing leopard print, smart coats, opaque tights and ankle boots. Like mother, like daughter.

A gratuitous picture of our Christmas tree at the flat; does anyone know of any tacky Christmas tree competitions? I'm sure we'd be in the running. The single shoe is a lone Miu Miu, placed in the hope that Santa will bring me the other one. Or another pair of Miu Mius. I'm not that fussed, really.

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