Thursday, 18 August 2011

Polyvore burgundy & mustard

Waiting in for a delivery is so very boring. Sod's law today has been relatively pleasant, and at 3pm the package still hasn't arrived. Argh! I'm climbing the walls.

To amuse myself I've been playing around with Polyvore. This toy is a fashion bloggers' dream, and has been used since its launch in 2007 to create outfits, moodboards, and pretty collages. I've used it today to justify the purchase of these H&M suede boots: very Prada, and very 1960s, whilst maintaining modernity. I think I was sold on the idea before even making this collage, but now these items are all I want to wear over the coming months!

This is less an outfit, more "what I would wear if I bought the Prada-esque H&M boots". Which I probably will do. Burgundy & mustard is my favourite colour combination of autumn/winter 2011, but the mustard could easily be worn with red, just as the burgundy could be worn with emerald green.

The collage includes a Miss Selfridge bag (real leather, and a fraction of the price of the Proenza Schouler PS1 and the Victoria Beckham satchel, both of which come in burgundy, and are at plus-£1000 price points), the slouchy Topshop blazer, which has been doing the rounds in the fashion weeklies, and some cute Chloe checked cigarette pants. For details of each item, hop on over to the Polyvore page where all items are handily detailed along the right hand side of the page.

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