Sunday, 7 August 2011

Stompy vs sleek

Seasons upon seasons now, the chunky platform has been the shoe de jour. It started with a 5-inch chunky heel, to most recently Nicole Formichetti for Theirry Mugler's 5-inch platform-only shoe. Can you imagine even trying to walk in those, let alone run for a bus, or navigate yourself through a bar to the bathroom, with potentially slippy floors, and four Cosmopolitans on board?

I, for one, have had enough. I'm going on a platform detox. Recently, I've been lusting after more streamline shapes, with delicate heels and no platform. I'm particularly feeling pointy toes, you can probably blame Miuccia Prada for that. Even flats, which, for the past few years I've considered a waste of money, and have only bought the simplest pairs in order to save money for "real" shoes (ie, heels) seem attractive again. Isn't it funny how cyclical trends are?

(In order, Jimmy Choo, YSL, and Ralph Lauren, all at Net-a-porter)

Look how sleek, chic, and ladylike they are..! Perfect for Isabel Marant-style skinny cropped trousers for a modern look, or with a colourful A-line shift for a 1960s twist.

I recently treated myself to a pair of suede point pumps from Topshop. I normally wouldn't go near the place with a bargepole (overpriced with terrible sales assistants), but these shoes represent everything I'm feeling right now; a bright, but not garish colour, a flat sole, and a simple, understated shape, with pointed toe.

(As I searched for shoes to feature in this post, it dawned upon me that perhaps it's not Prada or an act against platforms; maybe Middleton Mania has finally affected my brain. Argh! Maybe tomorrow I'll wear my highest, biggest, most vulgar stompy boots)

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