Tuesday, 9 August 2011

£20 off Oasis dresses

The news has been all-consuming for the past 24 hours; last night I went to sleep not knowing what state the capital would be in, and whether the riots would have affected my beautiful city of Manchester. I've woken up to the heroes of #riotcleanup, restoring my faith in humanity. Greater Manchester Police also reports no serious trouble or disorder overnight. Thank you, Manchester, keep up the good work.

Whilst some people may say fashion is shallow, and worth little in the scheme of things, to many people it is a great comfort. The fashion industry remains solid in spite of what is happening in the world around us.

A little distraction for me was provided by an email from Oasis, informing me of a £20 discount on a range of dresses. For a moment I managed to click away from the Guardian Live Blog and immerse myself in frocks. Featured are some great styles for autumn/winter: jewel tones, shift shapes, and a one-shouldered lovely perfect for parties.

My particular favourite is this one, down to £35 from £55.

Emerald green is sure to be autumn's hottest colour, yet the lack of sleeves and cut-out detail are perfect for that transitional period between summer and autumn. I think you'll also be pleasantly surprised by the quality of Oasis dresses - they wash well, keep their shape, and the fabrics always feel much more expensive than they really are.

Stay safe, wherever you are today. London, I am thinking about you. If this blog provides you with a moment of relief from the real world then I've done my job.

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