Monday, 29 August 2011

Primark boots & bag

My mum came to visit Manchester city centre on Thursday, and just like any visitor from a small town, she wanted to visit Primark. Though not my preferred shopping destination, I decided to get into the spirit, grabbing a basket and adopting a brusque attitude.

Boy, am I glad I did! Their accessories section seems to be better than ever: on-trend satchels, oversized clutches and box bags, in cobalts, mustards, burgundies, and snakeskin print. I snapped up this cool medium sized satchel (a tenner!) in my favourite colours of the moment. I was also rewarded for taking a trip down into the fiery depths of the basement shoe department (whew, they desperately need AC) by these burgundy velvet wedges. Living in Manchester, velvet perhaps isn't the best of fabrics to choose for footwear, but I was so taken with the colour and the simple, wearable shape, that I had to have them (they're also available in camel, purple, and a really amazing vivid aqua).

I'm happier buying Primark accessories rather than the clothes. I realise they're only polyurethane, and may only last the season at best, but at least they don't shrink/stretch in the wash..! (And if they do... well, you shouldn't really be putting your boots in the washer, anyway)

The satchel has some interesting design details you wouldn't normally expect from Primark, like a mini fringe and brogue detailing.

Of course, with Friday just gone being #ILoveMCR day, I couldn't get away with avoiding the paraphernalia altogether...

PS. I'm dreaming of a burgundy velvet baby doll or shift dress. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction..!

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