Sunday, 30 October 2011

Miista Magic

I was just doing my daily browse of the Topshop website, looking for some boots, when I must've scrolled a bit further down than I normally would and my eyes clapped on three pairs of amazing shoes.

Got your attention?! These babies are made by a brand called Miista, and are designed by Laura Villasenin in Hackney, East London. In the brand's own words, Miista "brings together seemingly opposites. Miista deliberately juxtaposes elements that would be at war without creative expertise". That sounds like a bit of bumpf to me; what I think is that they're bonkers good cybery, punky, industrial, and sporty shoes that could actually pass for quite normal worn with jeans and an oversized blazer, or could be really FASH styled with a directional dress and some Gaga-esque make-up.

I'm also a massive fan of neoprene used in shoes and clothing, so I would happily stomp about all winter in the last pair! Whatever your opinion on the style of these babies, there's no denying that the quality looks top-notch and the leather looks buttery soft whilst still being hard-wearing. Buy through the Topshop website, or take a look at the where to buy page on the Miista website - my nearest stockist is Moo Boutique in Stockport.

Apologies for two shoe posts in a row; maybe I should coin today Shoe Sunday! Back to regular scheduled programming tomorrow.

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