Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Market Street News

News from Manchester's Market Street...


The Esprit store is closing down. For me this is more like "neutral news" as before today I'd never been in there, but it's always sad to see a major store closing. The place was packed with people getting last minute bargains.


It feels like an age after the Manchester riots which destroyed the Miss Selfridge Manchester flagship, but after nearly three months, the store is re-opening tomorrow morning at 10am! The shopfit is looking great with some gorgeous stock.

Here's how to do a sale window: ignore the sale's existence for the most part, apart from the window clings. Mango's window is still looking fabulously, luxuriously leopardy, despite them being in mid-season sale.


Completely unrelated to Market Street, but I have new hair - dip dyed with a centre parted A-line bob.

Also new brogues - £30 in the Office sale.

 This post was sponsored (or should I say fuelled?) by glasses of free Hobbs champagne - which will be explained fully in tomorrow's post!


  1. Have to admit I hated that particular Miss Selfridge store pre-riots, but it looks like it's going to be much improved after peering in on the way home. Not as cluttered and better window displays. Goodbye student loan haha xx

  2. It was never quite right in there, was it? Looks much airier now, and the window & in-store displays are more modern. X

  3. I am SO pleased that Miss Selfridge store has re-opened! I was furious when I saw the video of the idiot who had set it on fire months ago.


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