Monday, 17 October 2011

One Black Dress, Many Ways

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Stephanie, aka the Wardrobe Angel, to see if I'd like to assist her with styling a video. I of course jumped at the chance.

So many of us own so many items of clothing, but still complain that we have nothing to wear (I am guilty of this, too, as my boyfriend will attest). The Wardrobe Angel clears out clothes which do not suit your shape or lifestyle choices turns them into cash for you. Then, Stephanie will reorganise your remaining pieces into outfits for you - even adding labels - making getting dressed in the morning a no-brainer. The Wardrobe Angel blog is also very useful for clothing tips and tricks, should you not require the full service right now. There are super sale-shopping tips, and the ongoing theme is "shop your own wardrobe"!

The concept of this video is "One Black Dress, Many Ways". As explained, the dress is a basic, black, shift-style dress - there is likely to be something very similar in your wardrobe. Stephanie and I styled the dress according to different trends and occasions. For example, there are heritage, Parisian, and beach-ready looks.

Take a look at the video yourself - I personally am incredibly impressed with the production, and Stephanie's strong on-screen presence! If Gok ever takes a sabbatical, you know who to call...

Here are a few of my favourites:

These are beach, Parisian, party, and heritage times two. My camera makes the dress look almost glittery - I promise it isn't! As you can see, we re-used things as much as we could to create a "capsule" wardrobe.

I hope the post inspires you to go shop your own wardrobe, and create some fantastic outfits! 

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  1. Lovely! I like how you can style the dress so many different ways :)


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