Monday, 19 November 2012



This dress has been in my wardrobe, waiting around to be worn for far too long, but I was just finding it so difficult to style; weird, as normally Minkpink stuff possesses a fair amount of throw-on-and-go-ability. Hair down looked haggy, pigtails too kooky, plaits too twee. Black tights looked flat, patterned tights too much. I even pondered semi-sheer tights for a moment, until I realised I hadn't quite reached that point in my life.

Finally I decided to wear it out to dinner on Friday - those bell sleeves calling out to be worn - and spent so long faffing that my growling stomach commanded me to put something (anything) on. Polka dot tights and suede boots were the first thing my nutrient-starved mind could think of. It almost worked, until the weather decided to chuck it down on the way home (oh, Manchester) and soak my booties, hair, and faux fur through.

Maybe this one's best saved for summer. Inevitably there will still be rain...

I'm wearing:
Love Label boots
Primark tights
Vintage, Forever 21, ChloBo & Betty Jackson.Black bracelets

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Oh, and recently I seemed to have developed an obsession with elephants (HOW COULD I NOT, just look at this little guy below), and I am also being harassed into making a Christmas list. If anyone has any bright ideas for elephant-related Christmas presents then please do let me know... so far I've only managed to come up with the Trunk family.

Photobucket Photobucket
Yeah.. I think I have finally regressed into childhood and gone completely dotty.


  1. I LOVE this dress! Its sleeves are just gorgeous and you carry it off perfectly
    P.S. sweetest tiny topknot ever

  2. That dress is lovely! And I am also obsessed with elephants, I recently bought an elephant print rug and canvas from Urban Outfitters, it might be worth checking out there! As soon as I see something with an elephant on it I have to buy it.

  3. omg my heart has totally melted over the sylvanian family of elephants!Xxx

  4. Nice dress!!! Speaking of elephants, did you catch that video on the BBC where they saved a baby elephant that fell into some hole? Too adorable for words!!!

  5. You look looooovely and my heart is melting over little Dumbo. I likey the new blog design too! xxx

  6. Did NOT know that Sylvanian families had an elephant family! Woah. i just had the boring badgers and squirrels (Mr and Mrs Nut).

    Fab top knot action going on there. x

  7. The dress looks very pretty on you. So annoying that nothing is ever safe from Manchester rain. It just goes in different directions.
    The elephant family is soooo cute!

    Lola xx

  8. That his totally skips over your fab post but... I AaaaaADORED slyvanian families! Xxx


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