Wednesday, 12 December 2012



Last week I had my BEST DAY EVER. Well, not quite the best ever. Maybe the best day of that week. BUT STILL it was pretty excellent: after much mithering my mum found the furby my friends had clubbed together and bought for my 13th birthday (cheers Stigga, Stubbsy, Walshy, Ozza, Bozza, Tozza*.. etc) (*fictional names. Most of them anyway) and I was also informed I won a Self Service UK competition for some Wildfox Twiggy sunnies. WHAT. There may have been some dancing around the living room involved but I was definitely very excited.

They arrived on Friday and they are everything I dreamed of and more. In typical Wildfox style no detail has been spared, right down to the heart shaped box - neat 90s Nirvana reference there - and WF-branded dust cloth. Despite my expensive tastes I've never owned a pair of designer sunnies; my previous sunglasses have all met the same untimely end (drunkenly left in someone's garden, drunkenly broken on holiday, stolen from my head at a festival whilst drunk) so normally I am not to be trusted. But these.. these I'm going to guard like they were my own child. Though I can't promise I won't be drunk in charge.

I'm wearing:
Wildfox tee
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  1. Errrrrrrmmmmmmerrrrrrrrgerrrrrrrrd. Amazing. We die at how cool they are! Can we be in your gang please?

    J x

  2. Great pics !!love your lipstick !!

    the lunette looks amazing on you :D

    come take a look into my blog

  3. Oh woah, you have good taste in glasses! What a gorgeous shape, 60s all the way! I recently bought a new pair of Raybans but I wish I saw these before - they'll be on my Christmas list.

  4. The sunglasses are amazing, and I love your lipstick!

    P.S. This post just encouraged me to go on an online hunt for a furbie. Unfortunately I didn't keep mine! I really want one now though...

  5. Do you see "Organic Clothing" or fashion climbing in popularity? Great post btw

  6. This is the cutest and most cheerful post I have seen this week, it has cheered me up! I used to love furby's, me and my sister had one and soon after, we neglected our tamagotchies! Why can't toys be like this now! All the kids want wii games and expensive gadgets (like ipads!.....i'm well jel!) Thanks so much for your lovely and supportive comment, Sarah. Am following your blog now. Haven't been looking for new blogs to follow in ages, I will be doing that with my festive time off! Will be back to say hello another time soon. xxxxx


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