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Honestly, I am fully aware that my hands are not my best feature. From my outdoorsy childhood, to my freaky genetics making them larger than your average females', it's safe to say I will never be a hand model. I marvel when above-knuckle rings seem to fit on everybody else's index fingers when they turn even the end of my pinky blue.

So why would I be pointing out my biggest flaw to you (because, as we all know, nobody ever notices them until you go on about it)? Simply to show off my new Bohemian Collective ring. I'm fairly certain it was made to be a normal ring but it sits comfortably above the knuckle of my middle finger without cutting any circulation off. There's something quietly, gently aesthetically pleasing about it; which rings true about all of The Bohemian Collective's pieces.

This was exactly what I wanted to find at the Clothes Show. Not the £5 mass-Chinese-produced-dresses stall or the goody-bag-of-make-up-that-we-struggle-normally-to-sell stall. I wanted to find new, inspiring indepedents, hand-made goodies, and stall owners who were enthusiastic about their goods; The Bohemian Collective fit the brief perfectly. The girls on the stand were patient and sweet, despite the swarming crowds, and were happy to show me their one-off pieces.. including a delicate topaz ring that was the first ring ever that stirred feelings within me that it could be the ring for you-know-what. Weird as I never really believed in that before.

The Bohemian Collective's (or rather Faye's, owner, designer and creator) pieces are constantly progressing, thanks to their constant product development and time spent with a silversmith in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. Their one-off pieces are beautiful (see final image from their Facebook) and I can't wait to see what Faye comes up with next.

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  1. I love little jewellery brands like this! So much better to have one off pieces instead of the same Topshop/Primark thing that everyone owns. Your knuckle ring is super cute and although I think there's nothing wrong with your hands I feel your pain...I have skeleton hands, so gross! And rings don't fit :'( xxx

  2. Love knuckle rings. Think they just look so much more interesting. Great coordination with the nail varnish too there!

  3. beauuuutiful! love the first pic!
    Hybrid Hunter


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