Friday, 28 December 2012



This has got to be one of the sparkliest outfits I've ever worn! In fact I was wearing my glitter tights with it, but that was just way too much. Being dressed as tinsel was fitting, then, for my annual Christmas Eve trip to the fine establishment of Wetherspoons in my home town. We branched out this year with a drink in the rock pub next door; they had a DJ on and with it being way after midnight at that point I even had a wobble around on the dance floor.

Christmas Day was fantastic, a really lovely time with my family and Chris too, who for the first time in our relationship spent the day with the Harradines. He had more presents to open than the rest of us put together.. spoilt brat (though I can hardly complain about the quality and quantity of my own gifts). Unfortunately my dad was admitted to hospital on Boxing Day and put onto a ward with a load of old ladies, but was released today. Hooray! It does make you grateful to those who give up their Christmas to work in essential services, and appreciate just how lucky you are to spend time with family and friends over the holidays.

These thoughts kept me going through the past two days working on the front line of the January sale battlefield. I've been working in retail for about a million years now and I can honestly say these past few days have been the busiest I've seen; and where manners go at sale times is beyond me. I've tried my best to smile my way through it but I was grateful for a day off today - spent in bed with my cat, reading. I finished High Fidelity, and read The Perks of Being a Wallflower in its entirety. Both come highly recommended from Dotty's Book Club!

I'm wearing:
Vintage Frank Usher dress
Jeffrey Campbell Suebee shoes (tan colourway here)
Topshop bag & jacket
H&M necklace

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  1. I'm literally in love with your dress and shoes! You look hottttttttt , sooo beautiful xxxx

  2. Oh. My. Word! I am so in love with this whole thing I can't tell you! Sparkles are the best. And you look fan-bloody-tastic. Am now trying to hunt those sparkly shoes down for sure! Glad to hear you had a lovely christmas. Bring on New Year!

  3. that dress is utterly incredible x

  4. Love the sparkles and those shoes are amazing! You look fabulous darling!

    Eda ♥

  5. Sequin-tastic! Looks amazing with those shoes and that coat. LOVE!

    The Style Rawr!

  6. I love this outfit! In my opinion you can never have too much glitter, especially at Christmas. I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas, I'm sorry your dad had to go to hospital the next day but that's great he's home now. I'm a bit pleased I'm too ill to go to work right now, I don't think I could face Oxford St madness! xxx

  7. This dress is great.. thanks for the twitter shout out too :)

  8. wow the sparkly dress is AMAZING! love the whole outfit. also wish wish wish i could pull off a red lip like this! :)xo

  9. Just found your blog and love it :D I love your dress, shoes and bags.. especially the shoes though <3 Im currently reading perks of being a wallflower too and I love it. Hope you dad is better soon xxx

  10. I love all the sparkles! I'm in love with sparkles and glitter! Nice outfit, it looks great on you! =)

    I LOVEE those shoes! My sister had some shoes like those once before.. I wish my feet weren't so flat or I would have borrowed them and never returned em, lol!

    Have a wonderful New Year's celebration!

  11. no such thing as too much sparkles - the more the merry.

    *swoons* outfit is perfection.

    Happy 2013!


  12. Read the perks of being a wallflower when i was 18. such a great read. infarct I might have to reread it.
    Looooove your shoes, they are so sparkly and fab

    Lola xx

  13. I might have to stop reading your blog as you're making me want to buy everything you own! xx


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